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Zurac's outlook for January:

“I understand this is a time of year that is considered good for rejuvenating; for re-assessing; perhaps for re-configuring. I’d encourage you to do all of these things, from the perspective of, what exactly do you want, for you? This is ideally separate from any concerns you might have about what the people in your life want for themselves. This is a practice in autonomy; in assessing what you would like for you, regardless of ideas like obligation, responsibility to others, etc.

This may not, for you, be the appropriate time to move forward with these desires; however, beginning to, as I said, practice thinking of your life in this manner, in terms of what you want for yourself… This is a very useful skill to build at this time.

This is not actually very commonly done, considering only what one wants for themselves. There are many other concerns that come into that equation, I understand. However, learning to be able to put those concerns aside, to decide what you desire for you; this is a wonderful step, and a tool you will use as the future unfolds.

There continues to be more and more changes occurring, this will continue, and growing your comfort with releasing expectation in general, as well as expectations on others, is key. To learn to know your own self, and what you may desire, which can shift, and change, is a piece in releasing expectations of others. If you are considering what you want for you, you are also energetically informing those around you that they are free to decide what they want for themselves, according to you. This will assist in setting up a bit of an an energetic domino affect in terms of releasing expectations.

How different will your life be when you do not have expectations of others? This is worthy of your consideration…”


Find more of Maria Moraca here.   She channels an entity named Zurac who excels at offering insight. He’s here to assist you in clarifying YOUR path and empowering you on your journey.