outfit details: floral top c/o choies // vest + shorts - thrifted // hat - f21 // sandals - lulu* // necklace - spiral drift

Sometimes it is so much more fun to just go on the side of your house and take selfies with your phone than break out the tripod and big camera.  I love playing with different angles with my phone.  I'm waiting on the arrival of a mini tripod and remote for my phone and I can't wait to play with it!  It will be fun to have when we are out and about and I want to snap a pic of James and I somewhere that is not just our faces!

These photos were from yesterday.  Two day old makeup, which was basically just some leftover, half way there eye shadow and mascara... James said, let's go check the post office and maybe slip into a thrift store when I get home, so I ran to my closet and threw this on, and of course while I waited, played around in the yard with some selfies... By the time he got back and we went to town though most of the stores were closing, so we just took a little mini drive instead, which is just as good for me!  Just a quick 'get out of the house' for a bit for any reason is good for me.  This becomes a luxury when you work at home and have no car!

It's funny b/c it was almost 80 degrees yesterday and the day before, and some of the outfit posts I have still yet to share I'm bundled up in scarves and beanies!  And I'm sure, we will be there again before we know it.  Texas is so funny with its weather.  You never quite know what its gonna be like when you wake up during these in between season times. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a big fun outfit shoot that includes a really rad giveaway from one of my FAVORITE designers!  And, today is the last day to enter the HANNAH CHLOE GIVEAWAY!