I am feeling a deep void returning to my bones.  Maybe its just a seasonal cycle I have not yet brought into my awareness.  It's been amazing watching my moods and longings shift with the moons patterns.  I haven't been disciplined enough to really keep track of it, but the times I have made the connections, I find so very interesting.  For as long as I can remember I have felt the pull of her tides, like I have always just known she is holding my hands while guiding me through the oceans of life, sometimes with huge waves crashing down and sometimes beautiful calm waters with sunny skies.  All with their own purpose.  Yet in my humanness, purpose seems to not feel so wonderful in the moment.  Sometimes its hard to see through the salty waters stinging my eyes to know the tides will go back out.  Having my Planet ruled by the moon, feels like an ever-changing flow of emotions.  As if while floating down a river, everytime I come to a rock that bumps me, or the waters flip my body upside down, I am on to a new emotion.  It is common to feel a wide range of emotions all within an hour for me.  And it is the same for how I feel about people, places, ideas, etc. 

I just spent some time mapping out my next month so as the moon moves through each sign I will know what house it is affecting at a glance.  I'm learning to do this through the Transit Reading class with KV and I'm loving it!  She has broken it all down so it is so simple to understand.  I can't wait to go back and see the connection to my emotional states during certain times in the cycle.  Its also been fun to look up the specific placements in my birthchart and re-read them to see how it is connecting with me at the moment.  This process is never-ending and ever-evolving, I love it!

(The photo is just from a lunch yesterday while reading my chart, snacking on some yummy fruits...)