Messy studio

Sometimes life is just messy.  These are not the kind of photos I think to take everyday, but we tend to glamorize the picture perfect side of life, and its good to keep some balance of reality in there.  And reality says, things are not always perfect, or clean, or together.  This is the state my studio is in more often than not.  As soon as I get it cleaned up and 'perfect' I get in there and create and make more messes.  Now its just a cycle for me.  I let it go for a few weeks until it gets to the point where I can't stand the clutter anymore and then do a marathon cleaning.  It would probably be much better if I would just take 5 minutes each day after working and pick up for myself, but the reality is, I'm normally feeling too tired, or work myself up to the last minute of needing to go cook dinner or run to the post office.  And then it just doesn't happen... and that is okay!  Thank goodness for doors you can shut! 

I tend to not let my messes in the rest of the house build up this bad, although Id like to think this is true.  When it comes to laundry and piles of papers on desks... I'm a procrastinator.  There is a huge pile of clothes that need to be hung up that have been sitting on my chair in my bedroom for over a week now. 

Ideally it would be clean all the time, b/c that is when I feel most peaceful, and creative.  But reality says sometimes it just can't all be done. 


In the midst of cleaning out my parents house, our garage became our storage for EVERYTHING.  This is a pic of it half way clean already.  Weve been working our extra evening hours in here each day trying to get this space super cleaned out and organized so we can screenprint shirts back here next week.  It feels monumentous and is stressing us out a bit, but its something we have been putting off for so long, that it has to be done right now b/c of all of these shirt orders.  At the same time its kind of exciting, b/c once and for all it will be a working garage!  It will be Skyline Fever's studio.  How rad! 

I thought Id share these photos for those of you out there who feel like you just cant keep it all together all the time, you are not alone!  There is ALWAYS this kind of reality behind every picture perfect photo, in everyones life.