Skyline Fever Dylan Tee

Remember these babies??? Yeah, how could you forget, I only posted about them a billion times two weeks ago.  Well, we got our shirts in and yesterday was our first day of production!!!!

Skyline Fever Dylan Tee

Here's my Im-so-excited-its-all-really-happening pic...  The week of the pre-orders were a bit surreal, since we only expected to get a handful and ended up with almost 200 orders!  To say we were excited is a big understatement.  We were completely BLOWN AWAY.  You guys seriously rock. 

James in his Skyine Fever Studio

We have been working our asses off all week to get our garage cleaned out to once again be James official studio.  We still have a few things to clean up but for the most part its done!  Of course I had to snap a pic of James once we got it all done.  It was a LABOR OF LOVE, let me tell you.


We hired our friend Tia to help us with production.  Yesterday she helped heat set these babies!  Isn't she adorable??? 


And of course, Bella helped us.  Although we caught her napping on the job several times and half way through she quit on us... FIRED!

We have been getting ALOT of emails about shipping dates...  We are still shipping mid-late april.  No guarantees that any will go out before that.  We have just a few days to work on them this week before I leave for a while for a friend's surgery, and then production will pick back up.  So please be patient, we are still on our same ship time! 

We have also been getting alot of emails asking if you can still order a shirt.  After all of our pre-orders are shipped out, we will be putting some up in Skyline Fever's shop.  We don't know the specific date yet, but will announce it when its up.  No more pre-orders, sorry.