safety first

For the longest time I have been wanting to make a little barnwood shelf to photograph my jewelry on.  We finally got some of my dad's old barnwood over to our house a few weeks ago, and the other day while James was at work I got the wild hair to just get the power tools out and do it.  Even though my dad was a carpenter, I actually have very little experience.  I had used the hand saw a few times in my life, but its been a long time.  I had to go off memory and imagination.  And it took me almost all day, but it was worth it!  I did keep asking my dad if he would send down his expertise to me, but I think he was probably getting a good kick out of watching me do this on my own!

preparing to build a shelf

Luckily I only had to cut 6 boards.  I just took my time and went slow.  I didn't have the proper wood and tools to use on the back to connect all the boards together.  It would of been a super simple project if I could of just had the patience to wait until that afternoon to go to the hardware store.  But, when I get my mind on something, I get determined one way or another.  And I'm actually glad that I did b/c it came out funkier and better than it ever would have if I would of done it the 'proper' way. 

I had a box of super old hinges and doorplates and all kinds of random things like that so I used them all to connect each board together on the front and back with screws.  I kept running out of screws in the right size and had so stop to search our house up and down about 10 times to find more.  Another way my patience would have come in handy to just go buy the screws I needed.  But nope.  And finally, I made it work and it all came together and I love my little shelf all the more for it.  It is my little hillbilly shelf.

barnwood shelf

I'm still going to adds some more old knobs on top b/c I did run out of the proper screws for that.  But other than that she is done!  Isn't she a doll?  Below is my FIRST jewelry photo using her!  I can't wait to do some more barnwood projects with this old wood my dad kept for most his life.  I have ideas in my head!

roots and feathers jewelry