We are all connected to the elements - whether it is through the environment and seasons, when we let our emotions flood our spirit and tears pour, or we are so mad we are seeing red. The elements; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit our within us. We will be exploring these elements in our 5 week e-course Elemental.

It is important to honor these elements because they are apart of nature and can be great allies on our path. Call on the refreshing breeze of air to open your mind for clarity and inspiration; call on mama earth for support, grounding, and abundance; call on water to soothe your soul and embrace your emotions; call on fire to ignite your passions and energy; call in spirit to connect with your higher self in all you do. 

It is not just about asking for help though. There must be an exchange of giving and receiving - a relationship must be built. The more you work with the elements, the more you come to know yourself and the people around you. Below are simple altars you can create to begin a relationship with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You bring in the Spirit.

Earth Altar

A simple earth altar can include stones like the Red Jasper above, bones, and any pieces of nature you find. You can go on a nature walk, find a flower, stone, or stick and place it on your altar as an offering. Keeping this altar in your family room or garden can help you cultivate a loving home.

Water Altar

water altar - elemental

A water altar is great to place in your bathroom or bedroom for peace and tranquility. Seashells, sea salt, or a bowl of water are simple altar decorations. The Moon is also associated with water since she guides the tides, and I even have a statue of the Divine Feminine to remind myself of self-love. Anoint your altar items with water, one drop on your finger will do. Or say a blessing while you anoint yourself with water or your favorite perfume oil.

Fire Altar

A simple candle is perfect to honor fire. I also included a wand, associated with fire, and a star cluster aragonite because it look like a flame!  Simply saying a prayer or blessing while lighting any candle can kindle your relationship with this powerful element. Placing this altar on your hearth or kitchen for warmth, bedroom for passion, or office and studio of creative energy is wonderful.

Air Altar

Feathers, butterflies, incense and smudge are wonderful Air associations and make a beautiful altar. Place this altar in your studio or office to focus and create; by your favorite reading nook to engage your mind; a meditation spot to calm and focus the monkey-mind; or by your phone for peaceful communication. Simple lighting the incense or smudge and breathing deeply offer this element the honor it deserves.

You will learn so much more about the elements and yourself in our e-course Elemental. Rituals, recipes, meditations, more altars and crafts to engage our wild woman and balance these energies within. Laura from Roots and Feathers, Katelyn from Gyspy Moth Sol, Katie from Conscious Apothecary and me, Marissa from Moondaughter will be your loving guides through this journey. We can't wait to dance with you.

We begin July 12th

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Lunar Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter