I enjoyed looking through these old photos this morning to find photos of my dad, and I actually found a few of me and him together when I was little that I don't remember seeing before.  I'm pretty sure the pic of him and my mom together on the bottom left were around the time she was pregnant with me.  I found some similar ones of them opening gifts that were for when I was born. 

Man I miss this man like crazy.  In less than a month it will be 3 years since he has been gone.  It's really hard to believe that.  Something about 3's right now... In april we hit 3 years of being in our home, yesterday marked Roots & Feathers 3rd year in business... and now almost 3 years since my father took his life.  Three significant events for me.  Last night my friend Moorea walked all night in an 18 mile walk for suicide awareness and I was so touched that one of the people she was honoring last night was my daddy.  It meant so very to me. 

My mom and dad have been on my mind ALOT this week.  Friday was a full moon and it was friday the 13th, which always reminds me of my dad.  He always told me he was born on a friday the 13th and that always held some mystique to his personality.  Yesterday was my mom's birthday!  I thought about her all day.  Her birthday is on flag day, so I celebrated by starting my Americana themed lookbook and wore my Frolic Vintage flag kimono all day.  James and I also did a little bit of thrifting and went to the wine bar for a beer to cheers my mom's birthday with. 

Ive had a few moments of real sadness over this week, but Im really trying to focus on the blessings of having them in my life, and as my parents, and taking what they taught me to heart.  Continuing to live my dreams to their fullest and know that they are always watching and encouraging me, and even playing a big role in helping things work out for me.  Two really amazing guardian angels.  I'm starting to be okay with saying 'look mom' to the universe when I have something I want to show her, and just know that she knows.  Our souls are connected so deeply even without their physical bodies here, their hearts know, I just feel it. 

Happy birthday mom, and Happy Fathers day dad.  I love you both so much and will never stop missing you.  Thank you for still showing me you are here through the animals.  I'm listening.