Birthday Girl

Pics from my birthday!  We had plans to go spend the whole day in Wimberley, but after we got all ready to go and the car packed we found out there was a 70% chance of rain all day there, so we decided to make plans to go another day.  We ended up going to Boerne to walk around the shops and get lunch.  Then that afternoon we made a very spontaneous date with a few friends to play in our river and have a little bbq and campfire.  It was super last minute and not prepared for but ended up being so nice and just what I wanted.  Although 32 is starting to show its age... Staying up until midnight and having 4 beers has left me feel sluggish all day long the next day, like to the point where I got nothing done.  But it was fun and I can't wait to go to Wimberley soon and make up for not going!


I wore my new Novella Royale bells that I gifted myself for my birthday.  Threadsence had a member exclusive sale with $50 off!  It pays to get those subscriber emails! 

Birthday gifts
pretty bench

James gave me two cds, Neil Young and Willie Nelson's new albums.  The Neil album is a cover album and the new Willie album is soooo good!  I also found that pretty rug at an antique store.  It was one they had in the middle of the floor for people to walk over, and the lady thought I was half crazy when I asked if it was for sale.  But she sold it to me for $20, 'dirt and all' she said, ha ha!  I actually love that its old and worn and falling apart.  I also found a cool old brown bottle and James found a vintage tin (he collects them).  Then we ate lunch at the Bear Moon Bakery.  It was nothing to write home about but it was nice to not have to make my lunch!  I was so looking forward to eating at a place in Wimberley...

Laura and Tia
Nikki and her kids
James sitting on a rock in the river
birthday cupcake

I grabbed a homeade cupcake from the bakery for my cake.  My first year I didn't have an actual cake of some kind!  But this worked!  A few of our friends came and we went down to our river and chilled for a bit while it thunderstormed around us.  It finally got dark enough with enough lighting we decided it would be smart to get out of the water and head home.  Then we bbq'd in the sprinkles, got our feet muddy, and had a super nice time together. 

A good way to bring in 32.