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First of all, can I just say I have some fucking rad women in my life.  Period.  A few months back, the amazing girls who co-author the Bohemian Collective with me all pitched in and surprised me with a spa gift certificate for whatever I wanted to get, to pamper myself with as a thank you for the hard work I put into creating this site, and as a thank you for asking them to come on board with me and share the space.  Needless to say, its the best thing Ive ever done.  This site went from something I felt was drowning b/c I could not keep up with it myself on top of my day job, my own blog, and partnering with James company.  It was such a big dream of mine and I felt like it was going down the drain b/c I just couldn't do it all.  Asking for help was the best decision Ive ever made.  And I love The Bohemian Collective more than I ever had before when it was just me.  Having all of these amazingly rad spirited women collectively share their hearts in this one space... its been life changing.  They inspire me!  And my excitement for this site has grown exponentially since they came on board. 

I was completely overjoyed and surprised when they generously gifted me this gift.  I was having a hard time deciding when to use it, b/c something like this I didn't want to just use on a whim, I wanted it to be special.  So about two months ago when I found out we were taking another women's trip I thought it would be perfect to kick it off with this massage.  Right before I went to schedule it I found out the my aunt was also planning on getting a massage before the trip, so I sweet talked her into coming with me! 

When we pulled up to this little building my heart melted.  Right there in the middle of the bustling city was this little green gem tucked away that instantly felt like home.  Then I walked inside and it completely reminded me of a little homey coffee shop in austin, from the chalk board menu, to beautiful cluttered things to pamper yourself with, to the earthy smell, to the paint and zen like decor, to the adorable girls who run the place.  It was perfect.  And it was the most laid back massage place Id ever been to in the city.  My massage therapist was super sweet and gave me the BEST massage Ive ever had (and Ive had some damn good ones).  Its like she intuitively knew my body already.  If anyone goes to Art Body Spa in San Antonio, ask for Tiffany!  Can't wait to go back to see her one day.  And next time Ill take my time and take photos, and really get to look through all their goodies.  We had hungry people waiting for us to pick up chinese when we were done, so we left quickly.  But I made my aunt snap these two picks below before we left!  The perfect way to start off a vacation.  Ahhhhh.....

me and my aunt after a massage
art spa

Ill be back with a ton of photos from our vacation in Wimberley!