The Tarot Within by Elle North

The Tarot Within - An 8-week Journey through the Tarot with Elle North

I fell in love with the Tarot slowly.  We had a long and lingering courtship.  I would play with my friend's deck and get lost staring at the imagery in each card.  I would get my cards read at a local cafe once a month and during my first reading, with The High Priestess, The Hermit, The Hierophant, the 2 of Swords and the Queen of Swords on the table, the Tarot reader said to me, "I have never seen these cards come together for one person.  You should read the Tarot."  Finally, with my own deck in hand, I would shuffle the cards every night and pull a card.  I would study it, write down what I saw and what the little booklet that came with the cards said.  What I was most intrigued by, though, was my own interpretation.  I liked looking at what the book said, but I wanted to get to know my cards on my own too.  So I studied.  I listened.  I trusted.  My friends and I would sit on the floor, drinking Spanish wine and asking questions.  I'd lay out the cards, and the words would come pouring out of my mouth.  Sometimes I didn't know where I got the information was just there.

The Tarot Within by Elle North

To be honest, when I opened up that box of 78 cards for the first time, I was intimidated.  I mean -- that's a lot to memorize, to read into, to figure out.  But instead of letting that overwhelm me, I decided to do things my own way.  & what resulted was a deep understanding of not only the Tarot, but of myself.

And that's what I've pieced together in my 8 week course, The Tarot Within.  It's full of meditations, journal prompts, soul-searching, goal-setting, ritual, and ceremony.  In this way, you connect to each individual card and not only develop your own meaning of the card, but also are able to apply the message of the card to your life.  This helps you to integrate it into your memory with ease.  It's a journey with the creative soul in mind.

The Tarot Within E-course is for you if you want to...

>>Be guided forward on your spiritual quest

>>find clarity on your path

>>connect to your intuition

>>gain confidence with Tarot readings

>>connect to your Tarot deck

>>immerse yourself in a deep & personal learning experience

In this course, you'll get daily emails for 8 weeks leading you to a special password protected course area.  You can start the course at any time.  You'll get a chance to develop your own interpretation of each card along with learning the traditional meanings.  You'll have a feeling of clarity when you pull a card from your deck, and you'll be supported by other students in a special-access Facebook group for students.

// & as a special gift, I will give a 1-card Tarot Mini Reading to everyone who signs up for the course.

Are you ready to start your journey?  Learn more here.

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The Tarot Within by Elle North

Elle North combines her intuitive skills with her work as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer, Artist, Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher, and general energy worker to create unique offerings at  She offers insightful Intuitive Reiki Readings, Crystal Essence anointing oils, and other ceremonial acts of healing to her clients online.  She knows that everyone has the ability to heal, to overcome, to be in touch with their highest self, and to connect to their inner divine.