roots via rootsandfeathers.com

A couple of days ago we found the source of gnats in our house.  We couldn't seem to get rid of them no matter how clean we kept the house, kitchen and trash.  Then James noticed they were in my plants.  A few of them had become infested with them.  Most likely because I was not taking care of them properly.  I really have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to plants, its all just trial and error, and I have epically failed many times in my past. 

I found myself uprooting several of my plants and starting them anew with clean pots and fresh soil.  I realized in the moment that this was a perfect mirror for how I felt inside.  Working deeply with my roots in my personal soul work.  Seeing where things need to be dug up, things that have been infested with bad habits, complacency of daily life when things really should be worked on to reach a deeper, and more life bearing place.  Seeing where I need to sprinkle fresh soil so that my roots are not soaking up the larva infested ways any longer.  Looking upon what needs to be more routinely maintained with love and nurturing so that it does not get to this infested place again. 

Funny how a simple act of re-potting a plant can spur this kind of inner dialogue within myself.  Often it is in these mundane moments that life brings me the messenger.  I'm just glad I was in a state of awareness when the message was passed along.