Bohemian Collective Magazine
I’m constantly blown away by people’s Talent. Art. Love. Kindness. Support. Strength. Bravery. Beauty. and so much more. This community that has formed around me online is full of so much radness.
— myself

I just posted this as my facebook status.  Then felt called to write about it here.  I really am.  So constantly inspired by others, and blown away with their creations, love, and so much more.  I have been working with other artists for years now, through collaborations of all sorts.  This community is one of the kindest, loving and sincere groups of people Ive ever met.  I guess partly b/c when we communicate with each other, we get each other.  We understand the artist within the other.  We are kind of our own breed in a way.  Along the way I have met many who are just competitive, jealous, judgemental, petty, or only show up to use you... but luckily I can say they are fewer and further between these days.  It feels like the Art community has softened the last few years (at least within the people I have come in contact with) and even myself.  Or maybe its b/c when I recognize those qualities in people I tend to just leave them alone.  There is more community, and rising up for each other, and sharing each other out of love. 

Ive been working on building the spring issue for the Bohemian Collective Magazine, and the heartfelt exchanges that go on through this creation are so overwhelmingly beautiful.  I feel so honored to be working with so many people with such big hearts.  I also feel so welcomed and loved through this community, which only further feeds my passion for what I do.  I have made some of the best of friends through this.  And while I can't personally connect so deeply with each person, the small connections made through simple emails are just so sweet.

Sometimes it just fills me to the brim with joy.  I love what I do.