My sweet soul companion Bella Rosa made her exit from this world on March 9th around 12:15 pm.  She lived 16+ happy years by my side and I couldn't be more grateful for every moment I had with her.  She was without a doubt the sweetest kitty I have ever known, and was such a mama's girl. 

She came into my life when I was in high school.  One day my boyfriend at the time was sitting on his porch when a little white kitty came out of the woods, came right up to him and jumped on his shoulder.  His dad would not let him have another animal so he called me.  My dad wouldn't either, but we decided to sneak her into my bedroom anyway.  She stayed there for about a month or so before he found out, thanks to my mom's help!  Then one day she snuck out into the living room and my dad saw her.  We lived in the country and already had about 13 outdoor cats, so with begging and pleading my dad let me keep as long as she went outside with the others.  She lived about a year like that, and when I moved away from home at 18 she came with me.  My first pet to leave home with me.  Since then she has been through my side through everything.  Heartache, death, confusion... always by my side, and always the sweetest presence. 

Since I have been pregnant she would lay on my belly every night and purr so deeply.  We joked that she was incubating my baby.  She could be so silly too.  She loved to get riled up at night before bed and play with the covers.  She loved to be outside and roll all around on her side, just flipping and flopping and making funny noises in pure bliss of the outdoors.  She always stayed close to home, never straying in the woods too far at all, so we would let her outside whenever she wanted.  I trusted her.  I could call her name and she would always come running back inside.  She was the most photogenic kitty ever.  Her eyes were so big and beautiful and it looked like she was wearing eyeliner.  She loved to be by my side, no matter what I was doing.  She loved hanging out with me in my studio while I created.  She loved to be spanked on her butt, like seriously loved it.  She loved peas.  Of all things, peas.  She always smelled like campfire, it was the best smell ever.  She loved to spend time in the tee pee with me.  She was the laziest player ever, she would bat strings or play with toys while she was laying on her side.  Everyone who met her loved her.  Opposite of Banjo who is afraid of anyone new.  She loved on people and loved it when people loved on her.  She was kind, gentle, nurturing, silly, beautiful, and will never ever be forgotten.

I spent the last few days of her life sitting near her, and the last few hours sitting on the floor with her with my hands on her, talking to her and letting her know it was okay.  I have a crystal that my mom held while she was dying, and I put it next to her through her transition.  It was hard and sad, but I will never regret spending those last moments with her, comforting her as much as I could while she passed from one realm to another.  Now she will always be my angel, and Ava Pearl's little angel too. 

I could literally post 1000's of photos of her.... here are a few of my favorites.