I'm still metaphorically crying that I didn't start these weekly portraits from the beginning... but last week I started documenting a weekly belly portrait.  This is my 30 weeks preggo belly!  I love my linea nigra... at this point I love everything about a pregnant belly.  Well see if I still feel that way in a month!  But up to this point, I LOVE my belly.  I'm going to miss it so much when it's gone.  The only part I don't love is the weight of it at night.  Sleeping in all positions is becoming a bit uncomfortable, even with a body pillow.  But it's not terrible yet, just uncomfortable.

Her movement is becoming increasingly strong with each day.  A few days ago I got to see her foot stretch across my belly for the first time.  It was so fascinating.  I wish James had seen it too.  I can feel her all the way from my ribs to my pelvis area, and she tends to hang out on the right side of my belly.  I rarely feel the movement over on the left side. 

These little mini roses are my favorite, and the peachy orange color are my absolute favorite.  I'm hoping they will have them available for my baby shower.  Something about just having a little vase of fresh flowers in my home makes my heart so happy.  I don't get them all that often, but when I do I just delight in them everyday.  And then I always dry them and keep them afterwards to continue loving them. I think I might treat myself to them a bit more often...