I thought I'd pop in real quick for an update.  I did not get a chance to do my 35 week portrait, so this was my 36 week portrait.  My camera battery died on me after a few snaps, so this was the only good one that came out.  There is obviously a HUGE difference in my belly since two weeks ago!  Little babe is really growing.  Although camera angle and the fact that my bosom was completely smooshed by this adorable little top that no longer fits me, makes a big difference on appearance on camera.  I sure do love this ripe belly shot though! 

I will be 37 weeks along tomorrow!  Which means I get my green light to do a home birth.  We will have our first midwife appointment in our home on friday.  Our birthing classes are really picking up in intensity and information and it's been really awesome to experience that with James.  He has gone from being unsure about the whole class experience to actually really liking it.  Last night we ended up chatting with another couple after class for a while and found we had alot in common. 

Last week I did a huge closet sale on my instagram and let go of a ton of stuff.  It felt so nice to get those piles of things sent off to new homes to enjoy.  I also had my blessingway this weekend with a few of my girlfriends and the experience was so beautiful.  I will do a whole post on it soon with tons of photos.  We all forgot to bring a real camera, so thank goodness for smart phones!  It was one of the best days I've ever had though.  Truly beautiful.

James is home for a few days so we are taking advantage of it and getting a few things done around the house, wholesale orders finished up, and stuff like that so we can relax a bit more in the upcoming weeks.  Something I seriously need some more of.  Emotional stress has been a bit high in our house lately, so some good chill time is definitely in store for us before we make this huge transition. 

Time for some coffee and a chat with my Nanna.  xo