"I'm excited to start adding the @pranamat into my yoga routine for extra relaxation and muscle relief.  All of my muscles are adjusting to the new life of having a baby, so I'm up for any way of bringing relief.  Not only are these mats beautiful with their lotus designs, they are eco-friendly + FDA certified as a medical device!  Now that I am at the 6 week postpartum mark, I'm ready to start focusing on my self care alot more.  Thank you @pranamat for giving me one more option in my #selfcare routine."

My excerpt from an instagram post a few weeks ago.  It summed it up pretty well, so I just copied it here instead of retyping it.  I will admit my self care routine postpartum has been pretty hit & miss.  One day I'm doing yoga, drinking tons of water, eating healthy, going for walks, then the next day... or week, I'm hardly doing any of these things.  Life with a baby has definitely allowed me space to go with the flow of life, and if something doesn't get done that I had wished, then so be it.  It just is what it is for right now.  But that being said, I really do want to make my self care routine more of a priority right now.  It's been almost 10 weeks since Ive had Ava and I'm ready to start feeling more like myself again. 

Most days look like this below... Not finding the time to do a whole yoga routine, so I plop on the floor where Ava is and stretch for even 5 minutes, or lay on the Pranamat for 5 minutes.  I figure anything is better than nothing. 

I just adore the beautiful lotus design of Pranamats.  Functional and Beautiful, my favorite combination!  There are so many different ways to use this mat, and several different reasons why!  Check out more info on their site, it's pretty amazing.

What are some of your favorite tools for self care, working out, or relaxation? I'd love to hear!