One Happy Day...

Today, I am a happy girl.
  • i did a home decor project i have been wanting to do since we knew we were buying a house!  and... im excited to be sharing it as a DIY in a few days!
  • my boy took me on a mini date today.  as silly as it may seem, it was to Bandera (the town we live in) just to walk around and get coffee.
  • i actually found a super cute dress at the sorry excuse for a craft show our town holds.
  • i had a good hair day
  • which made me feel good enough to put on a girly dress
  • james and i have been so sweet to each other all day
  • i found out my nanna & sabe are coming to my house tomorrow
  • which also means i am making homeade green chicken enchiladas tomorrow, yum!
  • i had an a moment of clarity as a designer today.  in a flash, i dreamt of the pretty jewelry line i have always wanted to create, i sketched out ideas, and i executed 3 pieces.  the feeling i get when that happens is the very reason i love being an artist.  when it strikes, its like a hurricane, and its beautiful!

getting ready to go on our 'date'.

it was sooooo hot today, we gave violet some extra special water with heart ice cubes!

are they not the two cutest things you have ever seen???

the beautiful dress i found.  james loves it as much as i do, which always makes me feel prettier when i know he loves it.

I am going to be working on a body of work with this new line before I launch it.  And as far as I am thinking right now, it deserves its own shop, so I may be opening a new one just for this line.  Im already dreaming of the styling and design behind it all.  It sort of ties into a project I started over a year ago and was never able to make it a reality due to being too busy.  The timing feels just right now.   But dont worry, Violet Bella is not going anywhere.  In fact I have several new pieces already made & photographed just waiting to be uploaded.

And... Im extending my facebook/twitter sale to blog followers as well, get 20% anything in my entire shop through monday, by using the code MEMDAY2011 at checkout.


Art Show This Weekend

My new friend Renea Hannah {see link to her myspace on the right side bar under awesome artists} painted this for me! IS THIS NOT BEAUTIFUL???
I feel very blessed to have become her friend, not only for this painting, but she has been a deep well of inspiration and hope for me. She has made me seen my value as an artist and as a person. Our meeting has been quite intense, i only hope that it does not end. I respect when the universe gives us people in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I hope she's a lifer!

Today starts the mark of a busy weekend. I am doing a show in Bandera, on the courthouse lawn for Memorial weekend. We have a parade right in front of the courthouse to kick it off, so it will be busy! And it is from 8:30 to 6:00 on saturday, that is long day!!! Then sunday will be 10 to 4, which is a normal show day. I will be setting up this evening. So today I will be packing the car, sorting all of my stuff {which takes forever}, tagging last minute jewelry, photographing last minute jewelry, restocking Gunslingers, de-stocking Artifacts. Oh and Renea and I are gonna go to Artifacts at 2:00 for a 'meet the artists'. oh, blah, you dont want to hear all this...

So, I had an incredible dream the night before last. James and I were staying at my dad's house, and he was living there also. It was in the middle of the night, and james and I were in my old bedroom. We snuck out of the bedroom all quiet like to get something from the fridge. As we walked into the living room we became surrounded by glowing dragonflies. Hundreds of them, they were glowing on and off like fireflies. It was so magical. I remember instantly feeling a sense of wonder and having a childlike amazement. I noticed that some of them had little bodies like fairies. And I told James I thought they were spirits. Then floating around the room were red and green nesting dolls. You know the little dolls that fit like five or six inside on another, I can remember their traditional name. They were floating, and I would jump up and grab one, and all of a sudden would feel an extreamly strong sensation throughout my body, like a burning and a buzzing feeling, like electricity. Until it would become too much to stand and then I would let it go and it would float back up in the air. I told James to do it too, so we both kept doing it until it was too much. Then I remember going back to the bedroom and I woke up! It was just an interesting dream and had a strong overall feeling. I like to pay attention to the ones that give me a feeling, that is really the only thing to base dreams on, not the actual images or people, but the feeling you get.



2009 New Beginnings




For the past year, many of you know have been working as a waitress at The Grotto in Bandera.  I loved my time there and will miss many things about it, but it was definately time for me to move on.  You know when the world is just nudging you out of your nest, just when you got cozy!  well, thats sort of what happened.

Now...I am on the journey and adventure of trying to make it on my own as an artist.  Something I have always dreamt of but thought it could not happen, mostly because of finances.  Which to say the least are very minimal right now without my waitressing bucks.  But I have a very supportive and loving husband who keeps encouraging me to stick with it and pursue my dream.  So I suppose until we are destitute, I will plug on. 

I did my first art show this past weekend.  One day got cancelled due to rain.  But sunday ended up being gorgeous!  I would like to thank...Carrie, Shelley & family, Elisabeth, Shawn, Bird & Meghan, and of course James and my dad for all showing up and showing me love.  It meant alot to me to have you there!

I will post pics below so you can see my booth!

...and also click on the etsy link below to check out all my new artwork, and maybe even buy something!!!...

I also picked up 3 stores this week, and maybe one coming soon all the way in California!  (Thanks to my awesome amazing, ridiculously beautiful friend Christie!)

Boerne, TX

Bandera, TX

Bandera, TX from art show...

...ETSY shop...