Mini Bedroom Makeover >>>

 After I did the Oh My Mama photoshoot, I felt such a connection with the images, I ordered a few for our home.  They have been lying on my desk begging me to hang them, but I was so unsure of where I wanted them.  I like to move things around alot... and with these, I was going to be poking so many holes in the wall, I wanted to make sure I wouldnt want to move them in a few weeks!  Im kind of running out of room to decorate in our house!  Eeeek!  The space above my necklace rack always looked so bare to me, so there they went!  (I wrote a little more in depth about this photoshoot the other day on The Bohemian Collective).  In case you are wondering, the necklace rack came from the inside of an old piano.

I also revamped my bedside area again while I was at it. I loved the way I had it before, if everything was kept in order... but with all my books beside the bed, it was becoming unruly.  I had the wooden shelf up on our mantle for the past month or so... but didnt really love it.  I wanted to do something nice with it though b/c my daddy made it.  Just to hold his pottery powders, but still, he made it.  So now I have all my beside stuff, plus some extra trinkets and things.  And it showcases my earrings on the lace better too!
It has been so hard to crawl out of this bed every morning lately.  Ive been in super deep sleep upon awakening, with Bella pawing at my face to feed her.  Just looking at this picture I feel my bones being beckoned.  

Its been a super busy two days.  Playing major catch up after the holiday weekend, and I have started my workout routine backup... which I am so happy about.  Ive kind of let myself go for a while.  So it feels nice to be nice to my body again.  We went grocery shopping today and got some more good stuff to eat too, which is a big help.  I need this.


Bedroom Makeover >>>

 After my crazy room redo the other day (turning my sewing room into James music room) I woke up the next morning wanting to do it all over again.  So I spent the entire next day rearranging our bedroom.  It was mostly a matter of just putting the furniture in different places, but it made such a difference in my spirit when I walk into our room.  And it made it so much bigger!  It always amazes me, no matter how many times I move things around, the difference it can make.  I have always been a re-arranger, I just love it.  Now our bedroom feels like a cozy little nook that makes me just want to curl up under the blankets and read under my twinkles.  I think twinkles were the biggest thing our home was missing.  I always had them everywhere in our old house.  I moved my mom's big dreamcatcher over our bed to catch our bad dreams.

This is James and Bella's side of the bed.  I moved in James old bookshelf (although all the books on it are mine).  And now his robot painting really stands out!  I also brought in one of my daddies pottery vases he made, and put two similar feathers and a peacock feather in it.  And my new vintage kitty planter that was gifted to me by a friend.

My corner of the bed now has my huge photo collage I made for my mom's funeral.  It was up on my dresser before and I couldnt really see the photos.  So now I can lay in bed and look at her before I go to sleep each night.  

 I just had to share this sweet guy.  He has been eating outside our front window alot lately.  Most deer run off as soon as they even think somebody is around, this one, is a bit nervous you can tell, but goes along his business.  I snapped this photo of him from inside looking out the window at him.  He could see me, but not hear me or smell me, I think he was a bit confused :) 

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Today is going to be an awesome day!  Ill tell you why later.