The past two days, I have felt a stirring inside.  A heaviness though, has weighed me down.  I spent the better part of yesterday wondering around lost, in my own home.  I couldn't figure out quite why.  After grumbling for a while because I was frustrated with myself, I decided to put myself in the bathtub with my book, and just read, for as long as I wanted.  It seemed to do the trick.  I hate it when I get days where I feel so restless, but have no direction or motivation to keep myself focused long enough to do anything.  Just long enough to string stuff out in the house to possibly do, and then really just end up with a big ol' mess.  

For some reason, when I get this way, I always feel the need to change my blog.  Which is most likely why there have been so many changes along the way.  I almost did a complete rehaul.  But decided to just change up a few things, like my links.  I must say, it made all the difference in the world to me, in this online space I call home.  I also slightly redid the top 'about' part of the blog.  Messed with fonts and placements.  I may not be quite finished, but it feels good.  And although this was not quite on my to-do list, and definitely not a top priority thing to do, it just was something I needed to do for me this weekend.  Im hoping monday will rip this funk right out of me.  

Speaking of monday, tomorrow I have a super awesome giveaway coming up!  One I dont think you will want to miss!  Eeek.  Goodnight my sweet friends...

OH, I almost forgot one big important thing!!!  I also changed the domain name of my blog.  So if you are not following via bloglovin' or google friend connect, you might want to.  It is now 'rootsandfeathers' instead of 'violetbellasworld'.  Something I have wanted to change for a very long time, but I was worried it would change too much, but I decided I needed to make the change sooner rather than later.  You can find the follow links on the bottom of the left column.  If you happen to be displaying my button on your blog, you will also need to change its link.  Thank you!!
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New Moon - New Hair >>>

The past 48 hours Ive been swimming in hair dye.  And Im honestly not quite sure I want to cry, or find that I love it...  I feel like Im 15 again.  I havent had red hair in so long.  Ive been almost every shade of red possible in my teens years... which is probably why it makes me feel young.  It all started when I got the bright idea that I was going to dye my hair dark brown, faded to red, faded to blonde.  So all day yesterday I mastered the brown and the blonde, which was sooooo beautiful, and Im so sad I didnt take any pics of it.  It was super light blonde against this beautiful dark brown.  Then today, I decided to add the red, and quickly I began to realize that my ombre daydream was not going to be a reality, and that I needed to dye all of the blonde red.  The first take was a disaster and came out soft strawberry blonde pink.  So, after I got my new moon hair cut today, I went for it again with a richer shade of red...  And here we are.  Still not sure if I love it or hate it.  I kind of think I hate it, but by tomorrow, I may love it.  But right now I sure am missing my blonde, and Im realizing there is no turning back for a little while at least.  I dont want to ruin my hair after growing it for so long.  Ahhh... the adventures in hair dye.  Luckily, it is just hair.

Happy new moon everyone!  I hope you enjoyed my guest post earlier from Marissa.  Very inspiring!  And, tomorrow Ill be back with yet another awesome giveaway.  This month is full of them!

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