Instagram Love - The Babies >>>

 This ultra adorable photo was taken right after she got caught rooting veggies out of the compost bin.  How can you even get upset at that face???  We are gonna be in for it when we have kids, we are such suckers!

 Bella loves to snuggle up on our tummies at night if we watch a movie or tv.  She is almost always on top of one of us, or on one of the back cushions of the couch if we are there.

 This is one of Violet's favorite spots to lay in the yard, I think b/c of the shade from the tree.  I had to run inside and grab my ipod when I saw her this day, it looked like she was in a little meditation garden!

 The other day I caught Bella in the middle of trying to pounce a butterfly.  Luckily she did not get it!  But I just love watching her in the yard trying to catch bugs... its so so cute.

 Little Nico spent the day by the window the other day chirping with the birdies outside.  I swear they talk to each other!  

 Bella chillin in the shade under the bird bath!  Do think this was convenient shading???  Or an elaborate plan to sneak on some birdies?

 Violet hanging out with me on the deck.  She chills on the deck alot.  She can watch all thats going on from there.  Usually when I walk outside and she is there, her tail starts vigorously wagging and she rolls over for her belly to be rubbed.

 This was a funny moment.  Its kind of hard to tell in this pic, but there were pillows and stuff hanging off the side of the couch, and Bella perched herself up on them.  That whole end of her butt is hanging off the side of the couch, ha ha!

Ha ha!!!  I caught Violet in the middle of a yawn.  I just love this photo.  Can you tell Im a bit crazy about my pets??? Geez...

This is Bella's usual spot if Im on the computer.  And she does all she can to be the center of attention.  She likes to walk back and forth in front of me, over my hands typing, sticking her tail right in my face.  Or like this, roll backwards all cute on top of my keyboard.  Always.

I have TONS of photos to share from my Instagram, but I thought Id do them in sections... I had so many of the babies I devoted one just to them.  Ill be back with more through the week.  If you want to follow me on instagram my name on their is lauramazurek.  I use it almost everyday.  I pretty much think its my favorite social place.  Beats the pants off facebook and twitter, as far as being fun and full of pretty.  Im really kind of tired of facebook, and have been for a while.  Its a love/hate relationship.  Its so easy to get sucked into.  But Ive been trying to ween my time off of there and only post business and blog stuff, with the occasional random post.  I just keep finding myself uneasy after spending time on there.  Between the things people post and the general fact that my time feels wasted and deflated.  Does anyone else feel that way?  

Im working on some really pretty new styles of wall hangings.  Im quite excited about them, and literally want to keep each one I make, which is usually a good sign.  I rearranged and cleaned up my studio a bit the other day and its made all the difference in the world for my creativity and motivation.  It was getting so crowded and disorganized that I didnt even want to walk in the room!  

Speaking of... time to go get lost in there for the day!


James and the Girls >>>

Last night we decided to grill our dinner on the bbq pit, always a good choice.  The weather was amazing last night.  Lukewarm with a slight breeze, and we had the golden hour light shining on us.  I always end up being the one to take over the grilling... which I like!  I love grilling!  We had chicken marinated in citrus sauce, zuchinni and corn sprinkled with fresh rosemary, and a bit of our leftover alfredo pasta from the night before.  Yummy!!!  James even ate two bites of zuchinni!  I almost couldnt believe my eyes or ears... Afterwards, since our babies joined us outside, we hung out with them for a bit.  I had to run in and get my camera b/c there were just so many cute moments happening!  Its very rare that James lets me take his picture... especially ones by himself like the close up below!  That is almost a once in a lifetime shot, ha ha!  Okay girls... for this post only, I wont get offended if you tell me just how hot my hubby is!!!  I think he could hear it from someone other than me once in a while, so if you think so, go ahead and say so below :)  Every man could use a little reassurance now and then, right?  (healthy reassurance that is...) 


Its the last day to reserve a sponsor spot on the blog for May.  The XL spot is sold out, and the rest are filling up quickly!  Im very excited to share some new lovelies with everyone next month... good ones!

Ill be announcing the winner of the Crazy Jane Knits giveaway by this evening or tomorrow... So if you have not entered, its your last chance!  Dont forget she has a coupon code just for my readers for this month only, two days left to use it!  Use the code 'violetbella' at checkout in her shop for 25% off anything!

I added a few new things in Roots & Feathers last night, and plan on adding more as I can each day, so stay posted.


Lazy day...

Today was an uber lazy day.  It was my 'girl' time so I was achy and just plain blah all day.  We had 3 engagements that we bailed out on as well.  It was actually nice and breezy out this morning, so I sat on the porch with a blanket, pillow, coffee, oatmeal, book & bella.  We snuggled and sprawled out until it started getting hot out.  Then I basically sat on my butt all day, listed a few things on etsy, made a treasury... Then when James got home we laid on the couch and both passed out for a few hours.  It was quite nice and much needed.  Then I did some more sitting around on my butt.  My butt actually really hurts because of it, ha ha!

And of course the bathtub soak while listening to pandora.  Then getting in trouble later for playing with my phone while taking a bath, oops!  :)
Violet getting daddy lovin'. 
Gosh I think my husband is handsome.  Wow.  Im so happy he let me capture these pics today, its a rarity that I can.

Hoping tomorrow will be a much more productive and hopefully smiley day!