James and Laura

On the Autumn Equinox, James and I celebrated 7 years of marriage together.  This photo above is actually from the day after when we went to have dinner with our families together.  It's kind of funny b/c James JUST got his own Dylan tee!  It only took about 6 months, ha ha! 

Laura Mazurek

The day started out a bit rough.  By the time I was ready to go and took this photo above I was a bit ready to go back to bed and start the day over.  When we woke up my computer was on the verge of crashing b/c it is too full.  I have tons of photos on my computer, as well as the magazine Ive been working so hard on, that we did not want to lose, so we spent the first part of the day backing everything up on an external hard drive, and then again on Carbonite.  We also had tons of shirts that needed to go out for Skyline Fever.  We tried all month to get caught up to the point were we could take a good few days off for our anniversary, but life just kept happening and pulling us in other directions that were immediate necessities and we couldn't.  So by the time we were done with my computer and shirts, half the day was gone and we were both frazzled.  On top of that I was having one of those moments where nothing I put on felt good, so I changed about 10 times, which rarely happens anymore..

Red Door

We had planned to spend the whole day in Wimberely, cruising around neighborhoods, scoping out homes for sale, visiting the locals shops and going to the water hole and a restaurant.  We did cruise some neighborhoods first and that was fun.  There is some truly amazing properties and land out that way.  When we got into town many places were closed, so we searched for a restaurant that was open and found that Linda's was open, which is a place I had wanted to go to before on my vacation there b/c it's my mama's name!  The food was excellent and they had the prettiest red door on the front of the little old house.  It had hard wood floors and mixed matched old vintage wooden tables and chairs.  My mom would of loved it.  We were at an off time of day in between shifts so we were almost the only ones there which was nice.  I had their signature salad, broccoli salad, tomato basil soup and a deviled egg.  James had their smoked brisket quesadillas.  Yum!  After that we tried out their local coffee shop.  I honestly wasn't expecting much from the looks of it but it was surprisingly really good coffee!  Then we drove the back country way home and enjoyed the views over the Devil's Backbone hills outside of Wimberely.  So so beautiful.


Before bed we played Scrabble and James was so confident he was going to win... But I still hold the throne in our house for scrabble champion!  I kicked his ass!!!!!!  He even had Bella helping him!

James and Laura

Event though our anniversary was not all smiles and sunshine like we had hoped, we were able to laugh about it and go with the flow.  It's hard to let go of expectations sometimes, especially when its on a 'special' day, but it helped us so much to just let go and just be.  

I feel lucky to have a guy who gets in there and gets things done even when it's not what he wants to be doing.  He spent the morning doing everything he could to save my computer.  Then that evening and all the next morning he spent hours researching and buying me a new computer tower.  He is always putting me first, and that's a good feeling. 


two years sale.jpg

Today is my mama's birthday.  She would of turned 57 today.  As I was thinking about her this morning, it dawned on me that today is also the anniversary of Roots and Feathers, since I officially launched in on her birthday 2 years ago.  So today its 2 years old!  It's been a beautiful journey.  I became the featured seller on etsy after only having this shop open for 3 months, which was a huge affirmation to me that I was going in the right direction following my heart.  Since then its just been a constant source of love and inspiration for me.  Truly where my heart is.  And the wonderful feedback I get from all of you has been the light source that keeps it going.   

As a thank you, Im offering 20% off through sunday, in honor of the 2 years.  Just enter the code TWOYEARS at checkout to receive the discount.  And please share this if you can/want.  I would so appreciate it.