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Skyline Fever Gather Tee
Skyline Fever Dylan Pullover
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We are SO THRILLED to be introducing some new goodies to Skyline Fever in 2015.  Starting with our GATHERER tee, our first poetry tee.  The poem is an original poem I wrote that we transformed into a tee design.  We are also bringing some of our favorite designs on to new style shirts, including these super soft, thin and cozy pullovers.  We will be adding new designs here and there throughout the coming months!  We also have an exciting collaboration coming up with someone that we can't wait to share!!!  2015 is going to be fun in the land of tees!

P.S. Today is James birthday!!!  Go wish him a wonderful birthday if you follow him!  (Skyline Fever on fb or @skylinefever on instagram) 

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outfit details:  shirt - skyline fever // jeans c/o pylo // purse c/o rossio roos // turquoise ring c/o bella & chloe

I was going through some photos on my hard drive and realized I have quite a few outfit posts from past months that never even made it to the blog.  I knew I had a few from more recently, but I actually have a few from a while ago... like this one from sometime in September!  This is the exact reason why I needed to take a break, ha ha.  Too many little details were getting lost in the files.  I'm on a mission to drag them all out so I can be completely caught up and ready for a new fresh season with a clean slate.  (So you may see quite a few outfit posts here for a while, along with a few posts from warmer weather days...)

I loved this simple outfit.  I wore this to a friend's birthday party.  I think I have about 5 different Skyline Fever Dylan tees!!!  A normal one, an oversized one for lounging around the house in, one that I cut as a crop top, one that I cut as a muscle tank and this one that is slashed up.  It really is the best tee in my opinion, but you know, I may be a little biased ;)  My favorite thing to pair it with is these Pylo bell bottoms.  Oh, and see that cute little pouch in these photos?  Well, its gone.  In just 2 weeks of not eating grains, dairy & sugar, my little pouch Ive been carrying around for years is gone!  I never thought it was bad, actually kind of cute at times, but its been amazing to see how my body is transforming rapidly before my eyes with just eliminating a few things from my diet.  I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it every single day.  I haven't caved one (yet).  I know the holidays are going to be tough, especially when I'm not eating out of my own fridge.  I have re-organized our food cabinet to make it easy on myself.  Maybe Ill share a post all about it soon. 

Anyway, back to this outfit!  It's hard to believe I only have one outfit post so far with the adorable fringe purse from Rossio Roos b/c I have literally used it SO much in the past few months.  Its the perfect size to fit my essentials for going out when I don't want to carry a big bag or one that I have to hold.  I have always been a huge fan of over the shoulder bags.  You can get this bag in 3 different colors (without the beaded patch).  I'm in love with the black & dark brown ones. 

In other news... I know I said there would be a new giveaway everyday this week... well I fell a bit behind, so the last 3 will resume tomorrow on Monday!  There are 3 currently live right now on the giveaway page, so make sure to go enter before the end.  Each one lasts one week!

Also, I am LOVING the new blog changes I made yesterday.  Everything is so much easier to find!  Things like this make me one happy girl.  I'm kind of blog design nerd if you haven't noticed. 


Dylan Tee by Skyline Fever

Guess what's back in stock!!!

Dylan tee by Skyline Fever

Here are a few of our favorite customer photos we've received so far... Click on each one to view the source.  Don't forget to hashtag your pics with #skylinefever & #sfdylantee on instagram!   We are soooooo in love with these photos guys!  Keep them coming!

There is very limited stock in unisex sizes... I listed each size in its own listing since we only have so many in each size available right now.  The size charts are listed in each listing, so please refer to that for your right size.  We can't thank you enough for all the love and support we have received on this shirt!!! 

Now go race for your Dylan tee!!!

our adorable friend  leah hoffman  rocking her slashed dylan tee with some boy shorties & whiskey...

our adorable friend leah hoffman rocking her slashed dylan tee with some boy shorties & whiskey...


Skyline Fever shirt

I'm SOOOOOO excited to release this new Skyline Fever shirt!  It's been so hard to keep it a secret.  This is the first in a whole series... They will be released one at a time, pre-order only, for now.  I am holding PRE-ORDERS open through this coming MONDAY, the 31st.  All orders must be IN and PAID for by this date.  They come in all sizes, from S - 3XL.  They are $24 + $4.50 US shipping or $10 International shipping.  To preorder you must leave us your email (for paypal), the size you want, and if you are in the US or International.  We will be sending all invoices out throughout the week before Monday, the 31st. 

You can leave your info in a comment here on the blog, or send us a message over on facebook or etsy


What is the sizing like on this shirt?

They run small to true to size.  Fitted, but not super tight or loose.  See this sold out listing for a reference.  I am wearing a medium, and I am 5'2" & 120 pounds.  (

Are these girl sizes or unisex?

They are girl sizes unless you want larger than an XL.  We can get up to a 3XL in the unisex.  The only difference in the unisex shirts is the neck is slightly higher.

These can be ordered for you guys out there too!  Just make sure to specify you want a MENS when ordering.

Is paypal the only way to pay?

For pre-orders, YES.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can I get these on a tank top instead?

Yes, for the Pre-order period only, we are accepting custom orders for Racerback Tank Tops instead of tee shirts.  Please see this listing for a size/style reference.  (

Can I get a different color ink?

NO.  For these we are only doing them in black ink.

How long before the shirts will be shipped out?

We do not have a solid date, but are shooting for Mid to Late April, but could possibly be sooner!  (please do not order if you need it before then)

Can I order more than one?

YES.  Just let us know how many and what sizes in your request.  There will be NO extra shipping costs for ordering more than one.

When will the other designs be released?

We are honestly not sure.  We will be creating each one in small batches, so until further notice it will be a surprise.


Sounds like the perfect evening to me...