roots and feathers dreamcatcher.JPG
roots and feathers gypsy fringe wall hanging.JPG
roots and feathers dreamcatcher.JPG
roots and feathers gypsy fringe wall hanging.JPG
roots and feathers dreamcatcher.JPG
roots and feathers gypsy fringe wall hanging.JPG

I almost forgot to share these babies on the blog!  I made these a few weeks ago, and I'm just so in love with them.  There are only two left in the shop!  Time to make some more.  Most of them are inspired by the sea and the mermaid, and you can definitely tell.  That theme has still not left my mind.  I love creating new spins on old designs.  Like giving new life to something that has come and gone.  That is how I feel about the gypsy fringe wall hangings.  One of the first things I actually created for Roots and Feathers was the inspiration behind them.   

After several days of feeling very down, achy, and no luster for much in general, I'm glad to say my spark came back a bit the night before last.  I actually made some sketches for some new stuff, along with sketches of things I want to bring back that have been forgotten about in my shop.  It's not all that often I actually break out the sketchbook.  I should more often b/c its really inspiring when I do.  And it's pretty cool to see a pencil drawing of something come to life! 

Today, you will find me in the studio.  Have a good one! 



These are a few of my favorite custom Gypsy Flags and Dreamcatchers that Ive made recently.  These are absolutely my favorite things to create.  And making custom pieces with a certain person in mind is so fun.  My favorites are when someone gives me a hint of what they want, or a phrase and color scheme, and then just let me go with it.  The top flag is one of my absolute favorites of all time.  It was created for the beautiful Rebeca of Gypsies Caravan.   

And the second one I made for the sweet little baby girl Laurel who you saw here.

I have a hard time keeping these in stock in my shop, but if you ever would like to order a custom one for yourself just send me a message on etsy

Today has been an interesting day... I woke up to my internet not working, which was actually a blessing.  Ive had a photoshoot in mind for a while and I wanted to do it for this full moon report coming up on friday.  So I spent half of the day working on that.  Actually doing the entire shoot twice b/c I was so frustrated with the lighting, and don't LOVE  either of them.  But I think there was enough to at least get a few photos I like.  Once I was done, it looked like a bomb exploded in my house!  Which put me over the edge and made me do some MAJOR cleaning for hours around the house.  So my butt has not hit the chair until now, 6:00 pm.  Even though Im exhausted, Im grateful for no internet today!  Its amazing what you can get done when you don't have any distractions!  I think a nice bath is in order tonite... 



There are TWO awesome Roots and Feathers giveaways going on right now!  One is over on my love Rain's blog, The Sacred Life of Rain.  You get a chance to win this wall hanging above, which happens to be one of my favorite of the sea inspired ones.  And the other is over on Laura Emily's blog, you get a chance to win a custom mini prayer flag.  This one is only open for 2 days, so go enter fast!!  (there is another amazing giveaway from Gypsy Moth Sol going on over at Laura Em's blog too!)



After having a few weeks were I felt like I could barely step foot into my studio without having some major wave of the i-cant-sit-still-long-enough-to-get-anything-done syndrome wash over me... the past few days that has changed, and it has been such a beautiful creative feeling.  What came out of it were some of my favorite works to date.  Including the bottom piece you see with the deer bone.  I have decided I cannot part with her.  But I will be making one similar for the shop when I can.  So full of feminine energy its unreal.  It just felt so good to be in my studio with no objective but to create from my heart.  I love those days.  They are the days that remind me what I love doing most.  Creating.   

You can find all of these works in my shop