These are a few of my favorite custom Gypsy Flags and Dreamcatchers that Ive made recently.  These are absolutely my favorite things to create.  And making custom pieces with a certain person in mind is so fun.  My favorites are when someone gives me a hint of what they want, or a phrase and color scheme, and then just let me go with it.  The top flag is one of my absolute favorites of all time.  It was created for the beautiful Rebeca of Gypsies Caravan.   

And the second one I made for the sweet little baby girl Laurel who you saw here.

I have a hard time keeping these in stock in my shop, but if you ever would like to order a custom one for yourself just send me a message on etsy

Today has been an interesting day... I woke up to my internet not working, which was actually a blessing.  Ive had a photoshoot in mind for a while and I wanted to do it for this full moon report coming up on friday.  So I spent half of the day working on that.  Actually doing the entire shoot twice b/c I was so frustrated with the lighting, and don't LOVE  either of them.  But I think there was enough to at least get a few photos I like.  Once I was done, it looked like a bomb exploded in my house!  Which put me over the edge and made me do some MAJOR cleaning for hours around the house.  So my butt has not hit the chair until now, 6:00 pm.  Even though Im exhausted, Im grateful for no internet today!  Its amazing what you can get done when you don't have any distractions!  I think a nice bath is in order tonite...