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The new moon astrological reports are now live.  Check them out under the 'ASTROLOGY' tab above.  Such a positive amazing time we are in.  Go check out the overall video as well as your personal one.  There is also an amazing chakra aligning meditation from Moondaughter and a special lotion from Gypsy Moth Sol.  I didn't contribute this time around since I was too busy with my vacation.... which was awesome!  Ill be back over the next several days with tons of photos from my trip to Louisianna with my family. 


A N N O U N E M E N T S   G A L O R E

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The Full Moon report by KV of Aquarius Nation is up!  One you won't want to miss!  Along with rituals from Moondaughter and Gypsy Moth Sol and art by me.  Only half of the personal report videos are up so far, so check back later today if yours has a 'coming soon' message.


A new lunar animal post on the Meerkat is up on The Bohemian Collective by Moondaughter.  So much lunar goodness going on this full moon.


The winner of the Blowfish Shoes giveaway has been chosen!  Congrats Abigail!  Ill be emailing you today!