Today has been less than stellar.  You know those days... with hormones flying around, bad tempers, trying not to let someone bring you down with them, but can't figure out how not too... we all have them.  And today I'm in the thick of it.

So... I thought I'd share about a day that was really nice a week or so ago.  We randomly decided to stop by our town's river for a picnic when we went for one of our post office runs.  The weather has been so amazing out lately.  I hope we take advantage of many more moments like this before it becomes blistering hot here in Texas.  Violet loved it too of course. 

I'm pretty obsessed with my Willie tee from Imogene + Willie.  So glad I snagged one when I did since they were limited edition and no longer available!  I'm also happy as clam in these slouchy pants from Gypsan.  Anyone know where that saying comes from?  Happy as clam? 

And guys... my next magazine release is just 3 days away!!!  May 1st!  Eeeekkkkk!!!!  Stay tuned!

Skyline Fever Shop Update

Skyline Fever Gather Tee
Skyline Fever Dylan Pullover
Skyline Fever Willie Pullover

We are SO THRILLED to be introducing some new goodies to Skyline Fever in 2015.  Starting with our GATHERER tee, our first poetry tee.  The poem is an original poem I wrote that we transformed into a tee design.  We are also bringing some of our favorite designs on to new style shirts, including these super soft, thin and cozy pullovers.  We will be adding new designs here and there throughout the coming months!  We also have an exciting collaboration coming up with someone that we can't wait to share!!!  2015 is going to be fun in the land of tees!

P.S. Today is James birthday!!!  Go wish him a wonderful birthday if you follow him!  (Skyline Fever on fb or @skylinefever on instagram) 

To grab one of these shirts, visit Skyline Fever


Skyline Fever Willie Nelson Tee

Today I'm attending to some business before I head off to Whole Foods to stock my shelves with self nourishing yummy-ness.  I'm making huge shifts with what I put into my body right now, so I'm really looking forward to going in with new eyes and not just grabbing my 'go to' items.  I'm challenging myself in big ways without eating grains, dairy or sugars.  It half scares me and half excites me to no end!  Hopefully the more I learn to get creative in the kitchen it will lean more towards pure excitement. 

I wanted to take a moment to officially share this bad ass tee that James and I released last week for Skyline Fever.  I'm not sure how many of you are Willie Nelson fans out there, but my love for this man runs deep and true.  And not to brag or anything, but Ive had the surprise honor of being kissed by him on the lips (I know Ive mentioned before, but come on... it was awesome!).  Although I'm pretty sure he kisses alot of girls surprisingly on the lips, ha ha.  I also fell madly in love once to a boy at my very first Willie concert and danced for hours.  And this last year I had the honor of seeing him play at his very own ranch at the Heartbreaker Banquet.  I have about 50 other special Willie moments in my life...

One more announcement I would like to make is that there is going to be a week long GIVEAWAY BLOG PARTY going on here, starting today.  Hop on over to the Giveaway page every day this week to find a new giveaway.  There may even be a giveaway coming up one day for the tee above ;)


Willie Nelson
Steve Earle

If you do not own these two albums, do your self a favor and run to your nearest record store and get them right now.  (In case these are too small for you to see which albums they are, its Steve Earle - El Corazon & Willie Nelson - Always on My Mind.)  Okay?  Okay.

In case your wandering, the Earle album is adorned with a Soulmakes necklace, a traveling alter kit from Spirit Tribe, a beautiful turquoise ring from Soliloquy Jewelry & a mini cactus.

The Willie album is adorned with a vintage suede fringe vest (that I forgot I had stowed away and cannot wait to wear) & a Roots and Feathers necklace.

Sometimes good music is worthy of being adorned and photographed, that is all.