bohemian bird skirt twirl.jpg
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roots and feathers dreamcatcher necklace + soulmakes necklace.jpg
bohemian bird skirt swirl.jpg
bohemian jewelry.jpg
boho crochet top + dreamcatcher necklace.jpg
blowfish wedges + bird skirt.jpg

outfit details:  crochet top - ? ive had it since i was about 15 // skirt c/o chicwish // belt - ruche // shoes - blowfish shoes // dreamcatcher necklace - roots and feathers // white tassel necklace - soulmakes // bracelets - ursoshop // rings - f21

Hello sunday.  I woke up from the wildest dream this morning.  I was at my parents house.  I was walking down the driveway, feeling happy and nostalgic, and remember saying the words 'art and creativity always win'.  Then when I got closer to the house I heard a wild bird call, I look over and it was a peacock sitting in a pit of coal and flames.  As we made eye contact it got up and flew away, and its wings were on fire.  It flew towards the pond to put its wings out.  I thought it was going to put its wings out in the pond, but instead it landed on the head of a turkey to do so, ha ha.  Then I woke up.  Reminds me of the pheonix rising from its own ashes. 

Im always fascinated when animals come to me in my dreams, especially so dramatically like that.   

Yesterday we had plans to visit some friends for a party, but we opted to stay home instead.  I was just not feeling good overall and just need to be home.  James and I napped, and then eventually I spent a little time in the studio creating.  I also finally started a Society 6 page.  Ive only wanted to for a few years now, but just never did.  Ill be adding more all the time.  You can find it at anytime through the button on the side bar, the one that will have an image of an iphone case or whatnot on it, below the kv moon reports button.   Speaking of which, there will only be the main video this new moon for the reports, as well as the written reports.  Ill get those up as soon as they are all done!  This cancer energy has us all pulling back and slowing down, so we are taking the time off of this one for that.

Oh, and isn't that bird skirt adorable?  Im not usually one for super girly skirts, but I just love the cut of this one and the birds!