Threads - Love You Moon >>>

Yesterday's outfit was just about the comfiest thing ever... This dress was given to me by my bestie about 10 years ago (guestimate) and I still love it.  This rad top is one of Lune Vintage's Harvest fringe tees...  I gifted this to myself last year and Im so glad I did.  Knowing where things like this come from make them so much more special.  And these shoes... Oh these shoes.  I dont want to take them off.  Blowfish, thank you once again for being so freakin stellar!

The story behind the amazing MOON sign you see in the background... When I was about 15, my friends and I would go to our local coffee shop, called the Fool Moon.  Back then, you could still smoke in restaurants, and the owner disregarded that we were wayyy under age.  So we could drink tons of coffee and smokes lots of cigarettes.  (and look at the beautiful people that worked there).  I always admired the rusted signs on the building.  That cafe closed and years later the owner opened a new restaurant.  Fast forward 12 years, and I became a waitress at said restaurant.  I will spare myself and everyone that whole story... but, I always had these signs in the back of my head.  A few years back I did a photoshoot with a friend, and we climbed up some stairs on the side of that old building to take some shots, and I noticed those signs had been thrown on top of the building.  Just laying there.  I contemplated stealing them several times.  Yes, I really did.  But... *sigh* I could never bring myself to do that, ha ha.  Well, up to date, a friend of mine works at the restaurant that replaced it, and I asked her if they were still up there, and they were, and they gave them to me!!!  So, 15 years later, they bless my porch.  Kind of crazy.  One of my alltime favorite photos I have of my mom is of her drinking a big cup of coffee outside of that cafe.  We used to go there together, and Ill never forget the one day we took photos of each other, and giggled together so much.  I have alot of fond memories, good and bad, that root to these signs.  And, as a moonchild, it almost feels like magic to have these in my sacred space on my porch.  And the best part, they were handcrafted by one of my favorite artists, who happens to be a local.  One of the most talented individuals Ive ever met.

Where the title came from... my favorites are Late May's Gaze, To Kill For You and A New World.


Threads - Moonrise Kingdom >>>

 outfit details:  skirt // ive had it so long i dont remember - shoes c/o blowfish - necklace // roots and feathers - bracelets // moorea seal + flourish leather  (blowfish is currently having a 25% off everything sale!!!)

Can it be my birthday week again?  Please?  I kind of wasnt ready for it to end.  Although, since I have such awesome friends, they decided that we will have a re-do birthday party since I had a migraine!  Woo hoo!  I was so sad I couldn't hula hoop or dance at all at my party, especially when my sweet sweet friend Jen surprised me with a light up mood hoop!!  I can't wait to try to get some awesome photos with it.  I was sooo shocked when she gave it to me.  

The day after my party, on my actual birthday, James and I went to The Bijou to watch Wes Anderson's new film Moonrise Kingdom.  So so good.  Go watch it.  I have never been disappointed by him.  And speaking of things to watch, James got me a Studio Ghibli movie collection!  Im so excited.  Its been a few years since I have seen Totoro, and I have yet to see the newest Arrietty.  I cant wait to watch all of the ones Ive seen and the new ones as well. 

I feel like Im being pulled in several different directions right now playing catch up in my business.  Still working on a huge order for, a few small wholesale orders, photographing new stock for the shop, and a custom order detailed patchwork jacket.  All of which are equally important.  So... I will just keep steadily going until it is done... And by that time, I will for sure have a new list.  That is just how it goes.  But I am soooo thankful that it is, the alternative would not be good. 

I have so many things I want to share... so Ill be back as often as I can over the next few days...


Threads - A Hint of Roses >>>

Yesterday I wore one of the dresses my mom made when she was younger than me. One of my alltime favorite pieces in my whole closet.  The floral pattern is just so precious mixed with the black.  I layered with this lovely grey mesh sweater top from Modcloth, some leggings, and you know, my favorite new Blowfish sandals, the Sea Dreams.  I also wore two rings gifted by two very dear girls in my life, Julie & Hillary.  And one of my Roots and Feathers necklaces.  This was such a comfy outfit and still felt a little dressed up to go out for the day in.  My favorite mix. 

That beautiful brown velvet ring, opens up to a hidden solid perfume compartment!  Is that not freakin amazing???


Threads - A Handmade Collaboration >>>

This cool front that came through the day after groundhog day has allowed me to sneak in a few more winter outfits, and Im loving it.  Yesterday I wore a few of my old favorite handmade pieces from Poor Pitiful Pearl and Mountain Girl Clothing, along with a new necklace c/o Kiki Koyote and purse from Lost Boys & Lovers.  I love being decked out in my artist friends clothes and accessories.  Feels so special.
As much as I love to talk about real things, life, spirituality, all of those things... I love to talk about fashion.  Gotta have some balance somewhere right?  This girl loves clothes.  Kind of a clothes hoarder.  Now that spring is here, and we are trying to save up for a new car, I just had a huge virtual garage sale on facebook and sold about 100 things out of my closet!  It feels so good to lighten the load, and Im digging things out of my closet I havent seen in a while, like this ppp sweater!  Ive decided to only keep things I truly love to wear and of course some sentimental ones I just cant ever let go of.  Ill end up saving lots of my clothes for my hopeful one day daughter b/c I know how much I love the pieces my mother kept.  She may hate them, but then again, they may become those sooooo very special pieces in her closet. 

So... this PPP sweater is one of my favorites of hers.  I love the color, the fabric, the simplicity of it.  So very versatile.  Shauna does a pretty amazing job of creating one of a kind pieces.  And beyond her clothes, she is such a crazy cool momma with a true passionate heart.

This necklace from Kiki Koyote is pretty awesome.  For such a big statement piece, its soooo lightweight since the big beads are made from 100% recycled material.  Im so happy to have found her, or should I say have her find me.  Truly great work!  And again, a sweetheart of a girl!

I have about 5 pairs of Mountain Girl Clothing's leg warmers and I love love love each pair.  She finds the raddest sweaters to upcycle.  This is one of my favorites, I love the way they bell out.  And not to sound cliche, but again, another super sweet gal!!!

Last but definitely not least, this purse from Lost Boys & Lovers.  I have admired her upcycled bags for some time now... I was thrilled to be surprised with this one.  She said it called my name and she was ever so right!  And one part that I flipped over beside the general beauty of it, is that the original bag brand is called Crazy Horse!!!  (like neil young and crazy horse) ahhhh!!!  So perfect.  And again, another true gem of a girl.

And even though they are not one of a kind handmade shoes, my Blowfish shoes are my FAVORITE.  The girls behind blowfish are sooooo genuine and sweet.  The only shoe company Ive bought from who have been so personal.  I love the way they operate.   They are currently having a HUGE clearance on winter boots.  Like more than half off of many of them.  But they are going super fast!!!

Way beyond loving these girls handmade products, Im honored to call them friends.  People I truly admire for who they are beyond what they do.  We are so much more than what we do.  It gets me excited to talk about people when I know they are soooo wonderful!  Ive said it a million times, but I love the community of girls I have found online. 

Enough about clothes???  ha ha.  Sorry, it really do excite me.  How silly huh?