I just had to share some of the beauty that is my Bella.  Its been a while since Ive done so.  I think she is just the prettiest kitty Ive ever known... but then again, I am her mother.  She is my bestie.  She does everything I do, even if I pee.  She has a little bit of attachment issues with me.  If I leave for the evening, she will poop in the middle of the living room.  Im serious, she is a mama's girl.  She loves sleeping in cardboard boxes the best.  And if she smells us eating peas at dinner time, she is right there, the girl loves peas.  She loves to roll around in the dirt, Ill show some pics soon I got of her after doing so.  She is my girl. 

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Instagram Love - The Babies >>>

 This ultra adorable photo was taken right after she got caught rooting veggies out of the compost bin.  How can you even get upset at that face???  We are gonna be in for it when we have kids, we are such suckers!

 Bella loves to snuggle up on our tummies at night if we watch a movie or tv.  She is almost always on top of one of us, or on one of the back cushions of the couch if we are there.

 This is one of Violet's favorite spots to lay in the yard, I think b/c of the shade from the tree.  I had to run inside and grab my ipod when I saw her this day, it looked like she was in a little meditation garden!

 The other day I caught Bella in the middle of trying to pounce a butterfly.  Luckily she did not get it!  But I just love watching her in the yard trying to catch bugs... its so so cute.

 Little Nico spent the day by the window the other day chirping with the birdies outside.  I swear they talk to each other!  

 Bella chillin in the shade under the bird bath!  Do think this was convenient shading???  Or an elaborate plan to sneak on some birdies?

 Violet hanging out with me on the deck.  She chills on the deck alot.  She can watch all thats going on from there.  Usually when I walk outside and she is there, her tail starts vigorously wagging and she rolls over for her belly to be rubbed.

 This was a funny moment.  Its kind of hard to tell in this pic, but there were pillows and stuff hanging off the side of the couch, and Bella perched herself up on them.  That whole end of her butt is hanging off the side of the couch, ha ha!

Ha ha!!!  I caught Violet in the middle of a yawn.  I just love this photo.  Can you tell Im a bit crazy about my pets??? Geez...

This is Bella's usual spot if Im on the computer.  And she does all she can to be the center of attention.  She likes to walk back and forth in front of me, over my hands typing, sticking her tail right in my face.  Or like this, roll backwards all cute on top of my keyboard.  Always.

I have TONS of photos to share from my Instagram, but I thought Id do them in sections... I had so many of the babies I devoted one just to them.  Ill be back with more through the week.  If you want to follow me on instagram my name on their is lauramazurek.  I use it almost everyday.  I pretty much think its my favorite social place.  Beats the pants off facebook and twitter, as far as being fun and full of pretty.  Im really kind of tired of facebook, and have been for a while.  Its a love/hate relationship.  Its so easy to get sucked into.  But Ive been trying to ween my time off of there and only post business and blog stuff, with the occasional random post.  I just keep finding myself uneasy after spending time on there.  Between the things people post and the general fact that my time feels wasted and deflated.  Does anyone else feel that way?  

Im working on some really pretty new styles of wall hangings.  Im quite excited about them, and literally want to keep each one I make, which is usually a good sign.  I rearranged and cleaned up my studio a bit the other day and its made all the difference in the world for my creativity and motivation.  It was getting so crowded and disorganized that I didnt even want to walk in the room!  

Speaking of... time to go get lost in there for the day!


Pieces of Home >>>

 1.  This is the sketch I did a few days ago for my next tattoo.  I wanted to make something special just for my daddy.  He was a carpenter, and he made a saw handle that looked just like this (which is a classic old school style saw).  I added two feathers to represent my parents together, and the bottom flower is suppose to be a mountain laurel flower, which holds special meaning for me.  And the most important thing my parents taught me, build love.

 2.  Speaking of my parents, I must say that the friends they left behind are a testament to how amazing they were.  All of their friends always made me feel like I was their friend as well.  And during both of my parents deaths, their friends were right there by our sides.  Today I received this quilt in the mail from a dear friend of theirs, with a note telling me it was just a little something to let me know she thinks of me often.  Im completely speechless and in awe.  It is so beautiful.  And Bella has not removed herself from it all day long!

 3.  I woke up this morning to find it had frozen outside and my hibiscus plant my Nanna gave bit the big one.  Im so very sad about this.  Does anyone know if it will come back next year if it has frozen???  Im so sad.

 4.  I love the way the sun hits frost and makes it shine.  My porch looked pretty this morning.

 5.  My inscence holder and some burning sage, both gifted to me by two lovely ladies I met right here on this very blog.  Love this community!  It makes my house smell so good :)

 6.  Free people catalog.  Although I can never afford anything from here, I still love to oooo and ahhhh over all the pretties, and pretty girls, in the magazines...

 7.  My pony palm I got from my aunt, that I was smart enough to bring in a few weeks ago.  Im loving watching it grow.

 8.  Pieces of a custom christmas present I made.  Sorry I cant show the whole thing.  Maybe one day...

9.  My pine cones.  These were my moms.  She loved pine cones and gave me a love for them since I was a little girl.  We used to have a tree in front of our house that my friends dad planted that grew them.  I loved hunting for them with her. 


Nico, Violet & Bella >>>

Not to brag or anything (okay, Im totally bragging)... but I think I have the cutest pets in the whole wide world.  Who's with me???  For those of you who are newer to the blog, let me introduce you...

This is Nico.  Our tiny little feathered friend who is so beautifully colored.  He has his own ipod (okay, its really our alarm clock, but during the day its his) and he comes alive when Paul McCartney comes on.  He also really loves a song from Ren & Stimpy (I was completely obsessed with that show when I was little).  He loves to french kiss himself in the mirror.  And he loves when I fold laundry on the bed, we just talk the whole time.  He is quite the silly little guy.  And every once in a while he sheds the most beautiful tri-colored feathers that I use in my feather in a bottle necklaces! 

This is Violet.  Sometimes I can hardly even call her a dog.  She is soooo sweet natured and such a silly love bug.  She loves to chase squirrels.  She loves carpet and rolls all around on it, rubbing her head into the ground and scratching her paws all over it like a crazy girl.  She loves car rides and sticking her head out the window to feel the breeze.  And she loves to eat feathers.  And cat poop.  But she is soooo cute, you just really cant get mad at her.  She gets really cuddly right before bed.  Oh, and she is very scared of storms.

This is Bella.  And as her name says, she is beautiful.  Her eyes look like she is wearing eyeliner.  She is lazy, and a bit wheezy.  She is a mommas girl and follows me around everywhere.  She randomly flops herself on the ground with a loud cat moan and looks up at your to rub her belly.  She steals my water our of my cups.  She loves to lay on top of things out of place.  She loves to roll around in the dirt.  She gets super playful right before bed.  And she has the cutest kitty breath ever (kind of gross i know, but i love it).