Just wanted to share two of my latest diptychs for Miss Match, I love how both of them came out...

For this one, our prompt was TRAGEDY and I was paired with the beautiful Francoise Rachez who sent me this very comical photo, so at the last minute I changed up my photo and did something so support her silly viewpoint of tragedy. And I am so glad I did, I love the way they came together.

left: me

For this one, our prompt was POWER. Upon reading this prompt I was a bit scared b/c I dont really like anything about the word power... And this one again was a last minute change up on ideas. We actually had a hard time getting our thoughts clear that week, so we both kind of just 'shot' and it came together seamlessly.

left: me

Happy Birthday Mom

Today's blog is going to be all over the place...

Today, June 14th is my momma's birthday. Its also flag day. And now a day to remember. Its weird, it feels like this is her first birthday without her, but its already the third. I was laying in bed yesterday staring up at the photo collage I have of her up on her dresser, and just thinking about how when January comes along this year it will be 3 years since she has been gone. That is just so weird to me. I dont know how else to describe it. For the most part, it has gotten easier as time has gone by. But there are still those days you just cant hardly stand her being gone. I pray that she is in cahoots with God right now about some things going on in the family, and that somehow it is all for the greater good.

I dont know exactly how I will celebrate that it is her birthday today, I guess I will just be thinking of her alot. Luckily I have a long to do list, so I will stay pretty busy. I am in the middle of pet sitting and house cleaning about 25 miles away from here, so I will be somewhat distracted. Not that I want to be distracted from my mom, I guess just getting sad.

Of the few photos I have, this is one of my favorites of her and I.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you.

Onto a much lighter note (sorry)...

I finished Shauna's (PPP) custom necklace yesterday, and I think it is so adorable. How could it not be with those two cuties!!! It was an honor to take her family photos, but then to be able to make one of my photo necklaces from those photos, was just really awesome!

Since it is such a process to make photo jewelry, I always like to make a batch if I can while I have everything out. So I have 22 new photo pendants coming to the shop! Here are the ones already listed. I have round and square ones.

I am listing all of my photo jewelry in my photography shop from here on out. So you can find them all there!



'peacock feather'

'umbrella dance'

'the butterfly collector'

And here is my diptych project for week 11 of Miss Match.

our theme was VOICE. I chose to photograph my mom's Janis Joplin vinyl on top of the quilt she made when she was my age. I love how it came out so much. The print is now available in the shop for all of you Janis fans!

right: me


HUGE SALE & new diptych project!

Already done with week 9 of Miss Match diptych project. Here is the final result for our theme TRAVEL. I was paired up with the lovely Michelle Anderson of The Cameras Eye (left). My photo on the right depicts the idea of travel in your mind through a good book.

So, just a few weeks ago, while driving to san antonio, we noticed that my favorite house was for sale. A house I had dreamt about since I was little. Well, it was only $400,000, ha, which is a little out of our price range! (not that we are even in the position to buy a house, im dreaming here okay...)

Well, then this week, we were driving around the back streets of bandera and found that my SECOND favorite house is also for sale! And its only half the cost of the first one... A friend of ours use to live in this house when we were growing up, its a very cool house. About 75 years old, and the upstairs bedroom has a secret little closet! But once again, we are in no position to be buying right now...


Seeing my two favorite homes for sale, and not being able to go for it, has lit a fire under my butt to really get on our savings. We try to be good with our money and save, but we could be doing sooooo much better. So I am determined to make these dreams a reality.

I am going to work twice as hard and try to stop buying so many lattes! (thats going to be hard)...

what does this mean for you????

I am going to start having awesome sales in the shop! And I am going to be going through all of my framed art I have around the house, and Ill be selling it for 1/2 price! So be on the lookout! Its clean out time!


Until I say otherwise...

*if you buy 2 pairs of earrings, you get 1 pair free

*if you buy 2 necklaces, you get 1 free

*if you buy one 5x5 photo print, you get one free

(excludes any custom orders)



Endless Love

My diptych project this week (week 9) for Miss Match was ENDLESS, and i was partnered with Katie from Squidart (left photo). We chose the idea of 'endless love'. I think they came out so cute together... I really love how it came out this week. Thanks Katie!!!

You can check out my flickr stream to see it and others Ive done, along with an outtake from this session...

I will be adding this to the shop shortly...