Yesterday I spent some time re-organizing my jewelry wall.  I grew up in an artist's home, my mother being a jewelry artist, and did hundreds of art shows with them while growing up.  My mother taught me the wonderful part of being an artist called bartering.  I always thought it was so cool that she was able to trade with her friends and fellow artisans, works that they had both spent loving time with their hands creating.  Over the years, as I developed my own artistry, I have done the same thing.  I have been so fortunate to be able to trade goods or services with so many talented artisans and friends.  Which, has led to an extensive jewelry collection.  One that I am so very fond of.  Each artisan made piece in my collection I hold so dear to my heart.  I of course have a few pieces mixed in that are store bought cheapies... but the bulk of my jewelry is handmade.  I love love love supporting other artisans (as you may notice through my posts), and being able to pick out a special piece to wear each day is a delight.  And instead of cramming it all into drawers or boxes, I love to keep it out as a part of my art, I guess you could say.  They are all little works of art, so why not?  Everytime I pass by this wall, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude, and feel so very blessed.  I am continually grateful for these friendships I have formed through the arts.  Like minded creative souls who have entered my life, in turn continuing the inspiration spiral.  This wall is so much more to me than just a huge collection of jewelry, it is a collection of stories, of friendships, of lives around the world being lived similar to mine, at least in the common creative thread.  There is a spirit behind handmade jewelry that you just cannot get from mass produced jewelry.  This wall, is full of spirit.  Intermingling.  Beauty.

For those of you who might ask, the big wooden piece hanging on the wall with the necklaces is part of an old piano.  And the black shudder came from off of my parents house.

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1.  windows in my home
2.  pomegranate flowers
3.  rose in zoisite
4.  light play
5.  porch plants
6.  my snuggle space
7.  salad
8.  hubby in the kitchen
9.  one of my favorite pots
10.  kitty paws

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Himalayan Salt Lamp >>>

My sweet friend Katelyn brought this beautiful himalayan salt lamp to me as a gift when she came to stay with me.  I replaced my bedside lamp with it, and I cant even express what a difference it has made in the atmosphere in my bedroom.  It is soooo beautiful to look, that it just makes my heart swoon.  I love that it is much softer than my normal lamp to read by, so James can actually fall asleep easier while I read.  I like to stay up and read and he snoozes within second of hitting the pillow.  And, James like to lick my lamp.  I licked it once or twice, but he keeps licking it, ha ha.  Beyond its yummy taste, Ive never seen a prettier lamp.  And reading about them, its awesome to know all of their benefits, beyond just their beauty.

Now, between this and having the record player in the bedroom, Id say its just about perfect.  Now I just need to get my Portishead Dummy album on vinyl, and it will be complete.

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Pieces of Home >>>

1. tattered flowerchild wall hanging
2. tomatoes from my garden
3. my patchwork gypsy flag
4. james playing guitar
5. alyssum flowers
6. flycatcher (i think)
7. studio curtains
8. flowers from my bestie
9. the road home
10. bella

I think I say this everytime, but these Pieces of Home series that I post are my favorites.  All of these images of things around me, all feel like extensions of myself.  Home, pieces of my heart.  Things that make me smile, or tick.  All of these images are from the past few weeks.  Sadly, my vegetable garden is starting to come to an end.  I think the heat just really got to everything again this year, despite this amazing rain we have been getting the past few days.  My porch plants and non veggie things are doing great!  And my cherry tomatoes are still producing some... But my squash and zuchinni never took off, and I only got two bell peppers.  With my large tomatoes, its been a battle with the squirrels of who gets it first once they are ripe enough to pick.  Little rascals.  I do enjoy the process of learning though when it comes to gardening.  I daydream of having a backyard just full to the brim with flowers and vegetables...  

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