- outfit details -
hat + crochet vest // c/o chicwish
flowerchild tank // skyline fever
velvet bell bottoms // iconoclasp
bronze flats // blowfish shoes
braided crystal necklace // christi jay
quartz ring // moorea seal
chevron bracelet // f21

I can't stop wearing my velvet bell bottoms from Iconoclasp.  I could wear them everyday.  It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is just in a couple days.  I'm excited to see my family, and to roast some yummy root veggies... but I've also been a bit weary lately.  I definitely feel like my body is in a winter cocoon of sorts.  I've been in a state where I can cry at a wrong word used, or even a wrong look.  My emotional levy has broke, and it's opening me up to many different feelings.  I laid on the hammock for a few minutes the other day and a butterfly landed on my glasses, reminding me that this cocoon state I'm in is only preparing myself for something much more beautiful... but through this process, it hurts.  It is not easy transitioning.  Especially when its a kind of transition happening from within, one you cannot see, or put words to.  I take that back... I can put words to it.  Grief.  It's just that I thought by now it would be a little easier, but its only getting harder.  Part of that is my own doing, from not allowing myself to feel certain things that seemed unbareable to really feel.  I still don't want to feel them, but I know I must to truly heal through it.  A big gentle deep inhalation is needed on my part... followed with a long silent calming and grounding exhalation.  With my feet rooted in the earth, and my heart being guided from the spirits of my ancestors.  I need to allow myself to congratulate myself for the things I have accomplished, to celebrate them.  For so long now, I have not been doing this, and I think it has sucked some of the joy from the journey.  It's time to remind myself that I am worth that.  And that I am worth it to stop, regroup, realign the things in my life that need it.  To allow myself to let go of the things I no longer need in my heart, that I cling to.  And to know that it is okay to feel all of these feelings, even the depressing ones, so long as I do not remain dormant in them.  But, I must go through them, and not try to crabshell my way around them like I am so good at doing.  It is okay to cry.  It is okay to hurt.  It is okay to be angry.  It is okay. 

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Today's threads post is a two in one.  And a pretty funny reality of being a girl at times.  I got all dolled up to go out with my bestie the other night for our date night, and by the time I was done taking these photos, I realized I was not going to be able to wear this dress out.  It was my first real attempt at wearing it, b/c when I got it, it was a bit too small.  But Ive kept it around regardless b/c I love it.  It felt like it fit for a little while, but then I realized the more I walked, the more it rode up... NOT going to work.  Ha ha, so I sadly came back in and changed.  But, then was happy I did b/c my second outfit was soooo comfy!  How many times do we get dressed up, only to change the whole outfit at the last moment?  I know its happened to me more than once.  So, I decided to photograph both.  I just switched out the dress for a skirt, and changed tops.  The rest is the same.  (and I had a wonderful time being with my beautiful girlfriend, as always).

<<< outfit details >>>
top // c/o chicnova
dress // modcloth
boots // c/o blowfish
necklace // moorea seal
rings // f21

<<< outfit details >>>
top // f21
skirt // thrifted

Im looking forward to a sunday morning date with two of my girlfriends, to go to yoga and then sit by the river.  Talk about peace.  Im counting down the hours... What are your plans for this beautiful weekend?

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I have been dying to share these pants for well over a week now!  Ive worn them a few times, but haven't been able to get pics until the other night when we went out with our friend Christie to see the Ataris play.  She came home for a week long visit and we were happy to spend some time with her.  Now that she lives in California, we only see her a few times a year, if that.  She came over and had a little campfire with us too!  

So, back to these amazing pants!!!  They are from Iconoclasp on etsy!  She makes them custom fit to your size, in a few different colors.  I had a pair of blue velvet pants in high school that were my favorites, and I wore them until a huge hole ripped in the butt of them!!  Ive been on the lookout for another pair ever since.  They are a dream come true.  Fit to perfection!!  I kind of can't say enough good things about them.  Its love.  I layered them with some simple tanks and a black knit cardigan.  Along with this beautiful and simple quartz necklace from Run With The Tribe and studded leather bracelets from Moorea Seal.  Run With The Tribe has some amazing new jewelry right now.  My favorite being this single earring.  And you can barely see them, but I wore some of my Blowfish boots with them... so happy its boot season again!

James wore his shirt from Sevenly.  I wish I could affored to get each new shirt that comes out every week, all for amazing causes.  A very cool company.

It was awesome seeing The Ataris right in San Antonio.  James and I listened to them in high school, and for a bit San Dimas High School Football Rules was our song.  Kind of cool to have memories that go so far back, and to be able to revisit them so many years later.  And its great to see bands still doing their thing after so many years as well.  We got to meet and chat with Kris for a bit and he is super nice.  It was a great night.

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This was my getup for my date night with my bestie the other night.  We went to our local wine bar and a lovely evening out with each other.  Just what I needed before diving head first into The Bohemian Collective preparations.  Im off for a busy day.... so this will be a quickie..

<<< outfit details >>>
shirt // skyline fever (coming soon)
skirt // f21
barefoot sandals // run with the tribe
leather sandals // my moms from italy
earring // gypsies caravan
ring // moorea seal

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