Ruche Interview + Photoshoot...

Remember this post I did just a week ago?  Well, I love this dress so much, I had to do another shoot.  This time I paired it with three different pieces of Violet Bella jewelry that can all be found in Ruche's shop along with this lovely dress.  (the ring is coming soon)  This photoshoot was actually a very inspiring one for me.  I havent dont an outdoor shoot playing with lovely lighting in far too long.  It brought back my passion for it, and I had so much fun exploring the trees next to our new house all by myself.

The Outfit:
pearl & bow earrings - Violet Bella
little chair necklace - Violet Bella
pink tights - Target
vintage boots
hair bow by Sookie Says

I just did a lovely interview with Ruche on their blog!  Check it out here.  Im so very honored for them to ask me.  I truly love and believe in their company, they are all so awesome.


Ruche Pretties...

I know I have said several times how honored I am to be a part of such a beautiful site, but again, I truly am.  When Ruche first toom me on I had no idea that my jewelry would do so well.  Now it seems like everytime I check the site, something else is sold out.  I can hardly believe it time after time.  I truly feel like they have been one of the biggest blessings in my life and business.

Here are a few of the things on their site that I currently love.  There are so many though, and their prices are very reasonable compared to many sites.  And if you want to be taken away for a moment to a really pretty place, check out thier lookbooks, they are so dreamy.

You can find my jewelry on their site just by typing in Violet Bella in their search bar!

Ill share some pics later to give you a visual of how much really goes on behind the scenes here in my little house, besides what you see going into my etsy shop!