Im thrilled and honored to have been asked to review Rachael Oglesby's book, Crochet Boutique, from Lark Books here on the blog.  Ive been a follower of Rachael's work for some time, and she has even been featured in the last two lookbooks of The Bohemian Collective.  She is an amazing artist when it comes to crocheting!  

She recently started selling patterns to all of her designs in her etsy shop, and now you can get a whole collection of tutorials here in one beautiful book.  I was very impressed with the quality and detail put into this how-to book.  There are 30 different projects to learn, with detailed instructions on how to do each one.  In the back of the book, there are some how-to drawings on some basic stitches.  In each project she also tells you what gauge needle to use and what kind of yarn.  And the images alone are so dreamy.  This is kind of a must have for the crafty girl who wants to make herself some fun stylish things this winter, especially some christmas gifts.  This could not be a more perfect time of year!  You can find a copy of the book in Lark's online bookstore here

Here are just some snaps of a few of the beautiful projects in the book...

Totally beautiful!!!  So now for the good stuff!  Rachael has premade one headwrap to giveaway to one of my readers!  It is this beautiful fushia colored one below.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment below telling me what you would wear with this adorable headwrap.  For extra entries, share this on your facebook // twitter // blog // pinterest.  One comment for each.

A while back, I had the honor of styling a shoot for Rachel's line from Softspoken, and these were some of the images I came out with.  It was such a fun shoot to style.  I love fall and winter layering.  You can see this headwrap style in two of the images below.  Rachael has all of these styles readymade for sale in her shop too!


The winner of the MY LIFE IN LAVENDER giveaway is A FLOWER OF THE SKY!

Today, I launched another super amazing giveaway on The Bohemian Collective, a spot in an online art class from Squam called ABUNDANT WILD LIFE.  Only a few days to enter!
Don't forget to enter the CHICNOVA giveaway to get $50 worth of free clothes, shoes or accessories!!

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Softspoken Collaboration - Part 1 >>>

A while back I worked on a photoshoot collaboration with Softspoken. I wanted to wait until she had a chance to upload the images to her shop before posting them. You can now find a few floating around in her listings! I adore her work, so very well made, and just the whole vibe of her company stands out to me from the sea of crochet artists. I just totally dig her. I did about 8 different styles, so there are way too many images to share all at once... So I decided to break it up into a few of my favorites from each style in different posts. This was one of my favorite styles from the shoot. 

Im currently working on a new collaboration with another artist, along with designing an actual lookbook, I cant wait to share!  And Im not spilling any beans, but I have a HUGE collaborative photo project Ill be working on in the background, Im so excited I could just burst.  Im hoping my dream really comes to fruition with this one!


Threads - Forest & Tangerine >>>

It's almost officially spring here and there have still been days to get all bundled up in jackets and beanies.  Then of course, since its Texas, the very next day will feel like summer.  I was excited to squeeze in one more beanie day b/c I just love them so.  This gorgeous mustard pom pom beanie is from Softspoken.  A while back I did a photoshoot for her and she now has the images up in her shop, so you can browse through and see pics of me sporting her goods!!!  It was such a fun shoot, Ill share more images on here soon now that she has them released.  This super rad necklace is from Bohemiantown.  You may remember me wearing it here.  Vicki, the designer, is such a sweet soul.  This amazing forest green velvet hooded jacket is from the 60's and Ive had it in my closet since I was about 15.  Adore this jacket.  My sweet friend Hillary, since you asked a while back what brand these jeans are, they are Level 99.  The inside waistline is lined with roosters, how fun is that???  And these utterly amazing sandals are my newest loves c/o Blowfish Shoes.  You can find them here.  I love how they are a mix of earthy bohemian with modern design.  Perfection.  Blowfish has so many killer shoes out right now.  They just keep blowing themselves out of the water with each new collection.  Many of you know the depth of my love for Moorea Seal... Im still loving this arrowhead ring of hers.  She has some lovely colors stocked in her shop right now.

Tomorrow Ill be flying to Dallas (Rain, Ill be so close) for Sabe's funeral.  Its going to be a long day.  It will be so sad, but nice to meet more of his family and friends that we had not met yet.  Im really hoping I feel all better by tonite.  The past two days Ive been battling a soar throat.  It hasnt come on full blown b/c Ive been doctoring myself, but it is sure trying!  I really dont want to get anyone else sick and I cant miss this funeral....  Ill have some prescheduled posts here on the blog, so keep checking back. 


Sneak Peeks of projects >>>

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on a super fun photoshoot for Softspoken.  Im extremely excited about partnering up with Rachael to work on a lookbook for her, and to have new images for her shop.  I love her work.  I think she is a fine craftsmen at what she does and has great styling to go along with it.  So when she contacted me about doing a shoot for her, I knew we would be a perfect match.  Here are just a few little sneak images of what I did.  There were 8 different styles in all, here are just 3 of them.  Im just as excited that it is actually coming on the time of year to start thinking about these kinds of accessories for fall!  

Another little sneak peek into some projects I have been working on.  Im so excited to bring these babies to the shop soon.  Hopefully by tomorrow Ill be able to list some.  (maybe even today)...  Ahhh, these babies are pieces of my soul!!! 

Todays agenda:
hair cuts
deep clean house
work on listings
make a green drink
edit photos
enjoy my boy being home