D R E A M S T A T E    T E A

Dreaming is a necessary human function. If not for our dreams, where would we be? As the new moon in Pisces comes around it brings with it this beautiful dream like state of being. Fairy tale bliss. This tea helps to awaken the vivid dreams locked within. As when we sleep, we dream, uninhibitedly.

This tea is a mix of valerian root, camomile and lemon balm.

Valerian is an amazing sedative to help combat insomnia and ease you into a gentle sleep. It has been noted that after taking Valerian regularly that vivid dreams may increase. However, when taken in excess it may cause or increase anxiety and/or insomnia. Moderation, love.

Camomile is a mild sedative to help you ease into a restful state whether it is during the day or before bedtime. It promotes healing and reduces inflammation and pain. It can also be helpful with those annoying spasms. It has also been noted that camomile may help in aiding lucid dreaming.

Lemon balm is slightly sedative. Associated with the energies of the moon, lemon balm helps us to work through our emotions and balance them, without getting caught up in all the, well, emotional aspects. Need relaxation? Lemon balm. Also, it's used in the notorious Absinthe.

Choose from a 1 ounce bag of tea or a 2 ounce bag of loose tea. You will also receive a natural jute bag for steeping. Steep 1-2 tsp of tea for 20 minutes to receive it's medicinal power. Do not steep for less than 10 minutes. Drink 30 minutes before crawling into bed for the night.

To err on the side of caution, I don't recommend this tea for pregnant women or young children.

Dream vividly, love.

dreamstate tea.png

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S E L F  L O V E // F O R G I V E  B A T H  S A L T

We are taught as wee babes that we must forgive others which in the grand scheme of things that's easy. A no brainer. We are much more willing to forgive others. But when we need to forgive ourselves of past choices we've made, ways we have reacted to indiscretion, we won't. We are so hard on ourselves and bottle it up. We bottle it up so hard and so tight that we look at ourselves in the mirror and don't even know who we are looking at anymore. It's time to let it go. We all make choices we wish we hadn't but you know, it's all a part of the journey and you are a person, worthy of love and full of beauty. And most importantly, you must love yourself in order to truly have love to give to others.

Kali is the goddess of time and the transformation that is death. It's time to let the self doubt, the inner demons and the suffocating chatter of putting yourself down.
"Hope is never lost through darkness it is the doorway to leave it, true hope involves self forgiveness." -Source

Filled with: Epsom Salt, Cornflower Petals, Hibiscus Flowers, Aztec Clay, Essential Oils of frankincense, myrrh, ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli, topped with camomile flowers.

Choose from a 2.5 ounce tin. Enough for one calming bath. Or a 4 ounce tin. Enough for two baths or one really powerful bath.

Forgive and love yourself, love.

kali bath blend.png

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