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D R E A M   R I T U A L

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On this dreamy New Moon take full advantage of the energy by creating a dream journal. This could include not only your dreams while you sleep, but also anything else you have been dreaming up in your imagination. Write, draw, paint, sketch them all out and don't hold back! Imagine and dream your heart out.

>>Dream Ritual<<

Before any ritual or meditation center yourself, set the mood with music, incense, or candles, and cleanse your energies with sage, incense, or any other smudging herbs. Focus on your intention and begin...

//Colors: purple, turquoise, silver 


//Stones: Amethyst opens you to your dreams and psychic abilities; Sodalite creates peaceful slumber and dreams; Moonstone enhances your intuition and dreams; Clear Quartz magnifies all the energies of the stones and your own energy; Lepidolite prevents nightmares and encourages peace; Citrine brings your dreams to reality! (You can also work with stones that relate to what you want to manifest- you can leave a comment and I can help you with what stones would work best!)

//Optional pouch to hold stones

//Dream journal and pen

//Keep this little altar on your nightstand or near your bed

Before you go to bed, light the candle, and one by one, hold each of your stones. While holding each stone (I like to hold the stone on my third-eye chakra), imagine one of the things you have been dreaming to do. Really put yourself in the mindset that you have already manifested it. Wishing to travel? Imagine yourself buying the ticket, packing your bags, feel the anticipation of your arrival, and be there in that place. Really imagine yourself going through each step. Your imagination will help you map out and create your story. Feel your excitement building through each step until your dream is accomplished. Whether it's creating that piece of artwork, starting your own business, moving into your dream home- hold each stone and transfer your vision and emotions into them. Your stones will hold this memory for you. So make these memories count! DO not hold back or be modest. Pisces is telling you to DREAM BIG! After you do this with each stone, you can place them back on your altar or in a pouch and place them under your pillow while you sleep. You can also journal about your stone meditation and your visions too. Listen and pay attention to your dreams tonight.Your stones, guides, and the universe may have messages for you on how you can go about to reach your dreams. Be sure to write them down in your journal when you can. And make sure to blow out the candle before you go to bed.

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F O R G I V E N E S S   R I T U A L

Pisces is also opening our hearts to forgiveness this New Moon. Releasing our regrets and grudges is so important for our soul growth and to move forward. Shed these burdens for a lighter soul this Spring. Cultivating loving-kindness and compassion for ourselves and others is key. 

//Stones: Angelite encourages compassionate communication; Clear Calcite: strengthens forgiveness and helps to release anger and resentment; Clear Quartz: magnifies the energies of you and your stones; Moonstone cultivates love, opening the heart chakra, helps to listen to your intuition; Rose Quartz is the love stone- self love, compassion, forgiveness all in one

//Have in mind who or what you wish to forgive and release

//Affirmations: "When I forgive, I let go." "I am compassion." "My compassion heals the past." "I forgive myself and others." "Forgiveness and compassion comes easily to me." Come up with your own!

~Hold your stone(s) in your receptive hand (usually your non-dominant hand or the hand you do not write with)

~Connect with your breath and begin to breathe deeply. As you exhale release the tension in your muscles and relax your body

~Place your stone(s) on your heart chakra and imagine a green or pink shimmering light connecting the stones to your heart. This light is growing and expanding- glowing brighter and brighter. It expands until it surrounds your whole body and aura with this healing glow. You are surrounded by loving protection, no harm can come to you. 

~Now that you have opened this loving connection, continue to hold your stone(s) in your receptive hand and imagine you are in a place that gives you comfort and peace. You see a person approaching you in the distance. This person is becoming more and more clear. This is someone you need to forgive. He/she can be a parent, friend, relative, ex-lover, child, or even yourself- really allow yourself to take them all in. Remember, you are meeting this person on an energetic level and they cannot hurt you. When you are ready, start a dialogue with them. Say what you need to say, allow yourself to listen to them, laugh cry, yell, scream- make amends. Take as much time as you need to. Release the negative connection with them, do this gently and peacefully. Give them a gift as a thank you for this lesson in your life. Do they have something for you too?

~When you are ready, focus on your breath and gently come back to the present. Make sure to ground you energy by either eating or drinking something. You can also send the energy back into the earth with your hands and feet flat on the ground. Be sure to reflect and write your experience in your journal. And do not be surprised if they show up in your dreams. Be open to signs and messages.

I would not recommend doing this meditation with multiple people in a row as it can be very emotional and leave you feeling ungrounded. This meditation should help you feel liberated and lighter. Whenever you hold your stone(s) charge them with a forgiveness/compassion mantra or affirmation.

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