Roots & Feathers Sneak Peek...

Big sigh... I completed the photoshoot for my new line Roots and Feathers!  Its very different than I originally envisioned, but still quite cute.  Here is a sneak peek of what it looks like.  And yes, that beautiful doily & feather dream catcher is one of the items I am going to be selling in the new shop!  So excited.  It's going to be hard waiting 6 more days before launching!  But that gives me 6 more days to create some more pretties for you guys.  The banjo was my grandfather's and I am hoping I can get my dad to help build me a custom hook to hang it on my wall.  And see my new shoes, Im a bit obsessed!  I have been eyeing them for 2 months now & finally decided to go for it!


New Boots & Pretty Photos

Today I got the sweetest gift in the mail...

A few weeks ago I posted on my facebook about some boots I wanted... and my friend katelyn hunted some down just like them for me, and surprised me with them! I was so shocked when she told me. She is the sweetest!

(the dress is PPP and the hairbow is Jennifer Birge)

And... it inspired me to take some photos today, something I have done in way too long, self portraits... It was fun, I missed it.

So here are my pretty boots and fun photos!

Thank you Katelyn, I love you!


My Hippie Friend

So lately it seems like my blog has been more about my adorable friend Katelyn then about Violet Bella, ha ha, but deservingly so, here is another little feature on her.

She just did some self portraits for the first time in a while, and I have fallen in love. She dressed up her Violet Bella headband with the sweetest little flowers, jasmine i think... and she got her new etsy find dress in the mail, just for this photoshoot.

I purchased this one below. I am in love with it. Go check out her shop to find more!

And here are some more captures she got while visiting us!

Our family portrait! Too bad we couldnt bring Nico, our little lovebird out to join us, that would have been perfect! Can you see how terrified Bella (the cat) is? Poor girl, she was pissed! You cant really tell, but she is wearing a little red and white mexican dress.
my handsome handsome man. gosh i am one lucky girl to have him as my husband.
down by the river
i adore this shot. this is katelyn's pink holga, which she got some other amazing shots on!
perfect. this is a jumper i made just for myself, something i rarely do. i love it so much.
a photo i actually look tall in, its a miracle! seeing as i am not tall at all!

this is what we usually look like :)
so again, is she not amazing???

Other than that, my life has been swamped with order supplies, and preparing for some big orders... and wishing i was working on other projects, but joyful for the work...