When life gets busy, I try to never forget to capture all the little moments in between.  One thing I do love about the quick technology of smart phones, it takes about 5 seconds to whip it out and snap a photo of something along the way throughout your day.  I probably wouldn't capture any of these random moments in my day if I had to keep my big heavy camera with me at all times.  By the time I would go grab my camera and get it all set up, the moment would be over.  So grateful for the easy access to capture our lives these days.

Little moments like seeing my kitty sleeping on a seashell, or Violet's paws adorably crossed while she naps on the bed, or my sweet deer friends faces when I feed them... these simple things make my day.  Over all of the things I 'accomplish' with my business or the million other things that keep me busy, these moment are what make my heart tick. 

I love being able to look back through my instagram feed and remember each day.  Even if it was just an image of what I wore that day, or like the image above of myself in the early morning with coffee and a nose strip still on my face... I remember my moment during that day.  I remember sitting there listening to the birds, looking at my mom's angel with a full heart, laughing at the cute things my kitty and pup did.  I'm a visual person, and have the memory of a fly, so without photos, many things would be lost to me.  Pictures bring me back to moments and memories, and that is what I hold sacred about them. 

I hope I never forget to take photos of the simplest things.  A visual diary of life.  LIFE. xo.


Bella sprawled out on the floor

1 // This is what Bella does every morning when I wake up and get my coffee ready.  She plops down on this rug just like this and makes noises until I rub her belly.  She has this alien like purr that she does, its so cute.

Drawing Within oils

2 // I got some yummy oils from Drawing Within just in time for this last full moon!  Excited to share a giveaway with her soon!


3 // I love our little stone patio we made below our steps.  We put it in originally well over a year ago, but we laid it too low the first time and when it rained it got completely covered with mud, ha ha, defeating its whole purpose.  We finally got around to digging it up and doing it right this time!


4 // After dealing with tummy issues all week, this oatmeal was like heaven for my tummy.  It has carmalized apples, bananas, cinnamon and honeycomb in it.  Yummm....

Cat in a lap

5 // sitting on a porch swing with a kitty named Monkey in my lap while James gets his hair cut.  Was a nice little break.

Gaia Conceptions top

6 // I wore my Gaia Conceptions top a few times in one week.  Ridiculously cozy and beautiful.

James planting our Jasmine bush

7 // James planted our jasmine plant that desperately wanted to be in the ground.  It was amazing, after a day of being in the ground all the yellow leaves were gone and it started blooming, like overnight!  It is soooo happy!

Roots and Feathers Jewelry

8 // Some Roots & Feathers pretties that went to new homes this week.

Sweet note from my mom

9 // While thumbing through some books on my shelf I came across this sweet note from my mama she gave me before our wedding.  Brought me tears of joy.  I apparently did not ever get that massage, ha ha!  I probably tucked it away and forgot about it in my wedding flurries.  I love my mamas handwriting.  It always make me smile.  I have been missing her so incredibly much lately, and I keep getting little signs like this that she is near.  Makes me so happy.

Date Night

10 // James and I had a little solo date in our front yard for Mother's Day.  It was just what I needed, and we had a reallly good dinner and just sat and talked for a long time afterwards.  Good stuff for the soul (and the marriage).  We have big dreams right now about how we are going to fix this little area up.  We never paid much attention to our front yard before, but after he moved this table from our backyard to the front, it has flooded in the ideas.  Can't wait to get started!