"I'm excited to start adding the @pranamat into my yoga routine for extra relaxation and muscle relief.  All of my muscles are adjusting to the new life of having a baby, so I'm up for any way of bringing relief.  Not only are these mats beautiful with their lotus designs, they are eco-friendly + FDA certified as a medical device!  Now that I am at the 6 week postpartum mark, I'm ready to start focusing on my self care alot more.  Thank you @pranamat for giving me one more option in my #selfcare routine."

My excerpt from an instagram post a few weeks ago.  It summed it up pretty well, so I just copied it here instead of retyping it.  I will admit my self care routine postpartum has been pretty hit & miss.  One day I'm doing yoga, drinking tons of water, eating healthy, going for walks, then the next day... or week, I'm hardly doing any of these things.  Life with a baby has definitely allowed me space to go with the flow of life, and if something doesn't get done that I had wished, then so be it.  It just is what it is for right now.  But that being said, I really do want to make my self care routine more of a priority right now.  It's been almost 10 weeks since Ive had Ava and I'm ready to start feeling more like myself again. 

Most days look like this below... Not finding the time to do a whole yoga routine, so I plop on the floor where Ava is and stretch for even 5 minutes, or lay on the Pranamat for 5 minutes.  I figure anything is better than nothing. 

I just adore the beautiful lotus design of Pranamats.  Functional and Beautiful, my favorite combination!  There are so many different ways to use this mat, and several different reasons why!  Check out more info on their site, it's pretty amazing.

What are some of your favorite tools for self care, working out, or relaxation? I'd love to hear!



I recently added Calm-A-Mama's Sweet Dreams Insomnia Blend to my nighttime routine.  Lately Ive been sleeping alot better, but for a while there I could not quiet my brain and would literally lay there for hours before falling asleep.  I use a combo of things now when my nights start to go like that, starting with a hot bath and relaxation before bedtime.  I also will take a Calm Drop or Moon Drop about 30 minutes before bed, and spritz my pillow before I lay down with Reiki Rain's Guardian Mist.  This tincture above has been a wonderful addition to my routine.  It tastes wonderful, which is a plus, as not all tinctures do.  It's very subtle and doesn't make you feel funny at all.  Just helps relax your mind at the end of a busy day.  I think my biggest challenge is turning off my brain.  Ive tried reciting mantras, or numbers, along with deep breathing, and my mind still wanders.  Sometimes those things work, and sometimes they don't.  Luckily I don't battle severe insomnia like many people do.  It tends to come and go, and if I pay attention to my cycles I can battle it pretty easily with a little intention and forethought. 

Calm-A-Mama focuses on remedies for Mamas, but all of her blends are great for us non-mamas too!  So don't be fooled by the name :)  Although once motherhood comes to me, I may be looking here for other blends!  I'm currently waiting for her Focus Drops to come back in stock!

Find Calm-A-Mama online: website - instagram - facebook

(pictured here with Soulmakes lavender bundle + amethyst from Below the Oak)


I thought I'd share some more of my favorite all natural, handmade products I use for my daily skin therapy.  If you have any favorites I'd love hear!  Also, if anyone has any suggestions for natural scar tissue remedies, I'd love to hear.


A few of my my favorite healing products...  The DoTerra clearskin I use every now and then when I have some trouble blemishes that need a little help.  It smells great and doesn't insanely dry out your skin like most blemish products do. 

Gypsy Moth Sol's alliviate is my go to salve for cuts.  I bite the skin around my nails, so this gets used on a very regular basis.  Self induced cuts!  Ha ha.  But this stuff works wonders.  I usually put it on during evenings we are just sitting on the couch watching a movie or something.  Ill slather my finger tips in it, which also helps to keep me from biting my fingers more during the movie, which I will otherwise do!  Then I just rub it into my hands with some lotion when we are done b/c it is pretty greasy.  But its great for any cut or burn, and you can really rub it in so its not greasy all over the place.  (I believe her shop is closed right now, but will be reopening soon).

The White Sage/ Blue Chamomile Skin Therapy from Amrita Aromatics has been wonders.  I roll this stuff on my fingers too, and its much lighter and soaks right in, so I can use it even when I'm sitting at my computer typing.  I also use it on trouble spots on my face at times too.  And Ive even just used it as a perfume b/c it smells so dang good!


These Marble & Milkweed cleansing grains + nectar are so gentle.  My skin can get irritated by harsh products pretty easily.  The rose + chamomile is such a shooting combo.  (I got these from Bondad, a shop specializing in horse lovers, who also support natural handmade products like Marble & Milkweed.)


La La Earth's breast butter is one of my favorite things in the world.  Ive gone through two jars of this stuff!  After losing my mother to breast cancer, I'm wild about breast health, and this has been one of my routine healing therapies.  It not only is putting good stuff into my tissues around my breasts, it also gives me a chance to have a daily check in with myself, as well as give that area love and massages. 

It's not currently in her shop, but you can message her to see when her next batch is coming out!


These babies make my lips in heaven.  The Cosmic Bath & Beauty Clove chapstick has been my go to for a few years now.  I'm obsessed.  I think Ive gone through about 10 sticks of it! Damn good chapstick.  She has other yummy scents too, this one is just my all time favorite.

The Marble & Milkweed chapstick is a new favorite.  It's the fattest chapstick Ive ever had.  Its really wide, and comes in cardboard!  Very cool.  This is one that will last a very long time b/c of its size.  I'm a huge fan of the smell of ginger!

The Cocoa Rose chapstick from Amrita Aromatics is not only gorgeously labeled, but just as beautiful in content.  The smell is outstanding and its so creamy.  I went through the entire stick so fast b/c I couldn't stop putting it on my lips!  I'm kind of sad I'm out and need to be making a purchase soon!

As you can tell, I live in chapstick.  I can't leave home without it.  I have one next to my bed, by my computer, in my purse, in the bathroom.   No joke!


Two other face goodies I love.  This Pure Soul Holistics face oil got me hooked on face oils.  I had used some previous to this that I just didn't love.  This one made me fall in love.  I put face oil on everyday now and my skin is so thankful.  Contrary to thought, it does not make your face feel oily.  It actually leaves my face less oily then when I used to use face lotion.

My face indulgence is using the Indigo Mask by Wild Honey Apothecary about twice a month.  Love this stuff.  It now comes in a powder that you mix with water so it last alot longer on the shelf.  The one I have here is already mixed.  Ill share a pic below of it on my face.  I love the plum color!!!


I am thrilled to share Reiki Rain with you today.  I have hands down found my scent.  I intuitively picked this scent off of its name, Guardian.  A few weeks ago, during a period of heavily thinking of my parents, I chose this.  I also knew I loved the scent of Lavender, Juniper & Vanilla.  When it comes to getting oil blends though, the smells can vary so much depending on the specific blend and what oils are used to create it.  This blend is one of the most calming, soothing scents Ive ever smelled. 

Ive always put a few lavender drops on my pillow at night, and I have replaced that with the mist above.  Just a few spritzes is all you need.  It puts me right into a peaceful calm as I lay my head down.  Ive also been putting the oil blend on my wrists everyday (along with a spritz or two of the spray), and I find myself with the biggest smile on my face every time I apply it.  Seriously. 

When reading the description of the reiki infused energy put into this, I can only agree with every word.  Which only makes me so curious about the rest of her blends.  I love that she offers adorable little sampler bottles.  I'm truly looking forward to trying them all.  Although this scent is heaven to me, I'm not sure I will ever be able to find a scent to compare.  Everyone's scent palette is so different though!  I loved that when I had James smell it the first thing he smelled was the Juniper, and the first thing I smell is the vanilla & lavender...

Each blend comes with its own little card, with a beautiful ritual on it on how to use it, as well as a little poem.  There is so much love and intention put into this product.  It truly shines through when you receive her package, from the beautiful gift wrapping, to the intention cards, to the handwritten note, etc.  So many little details.  This would make a perfect gift for someone you love.  (or a wonderful little self care token). 

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this blend.  I can't speak for the others in her shop, but I can only imagine if they are created with the same love and attention, that they are just as amazing.  And I love that each time I use it, I think of my parents, my guardians.