Stampington Magazines

Yesterday James and I took some much needed time off.  We have been working so hard lately, there are days it seems we have barely left room for eating, or much less enjoying each other... not to mention friends or family.  It's been a little... nuts.  James works full time at HEB and then comes home in the evenings and on his days off and works on his tshirt company, which has been full time lately.  During the days while he is at work, I work on my Roots & Feathers orders, my blog and The Bohemian Collective, which takes hours upon hours to take and edit photos and prepare posts... and then I help him with his shirts when he is working on those.  I am absolutely not complaining, its all a very GOOD busy...

He was off yesterday and we had a few errands we needed to run in a nearby town, so we decided to just take the day off.  We did a little thrifting, got some lunch and coffee at our favorite little place in Ingram and went to the bookstore.  My number one goal at the bookstore was to pick up these two magazines that I am currently featured in for my Nanna!  I can't wait to get these babies in her hands b/c I know she is super excited to read them.  (For those of you who can't get to a local bookstore that carries them, you can order them online here and here.)

My second goal for being at the bookstore was to do some research.  I wanted to browse through tons of magazines to get inspired about the magazine I want to write for The Bohemian Collective.  I was sadly disappointed.  I like a few things about many of the magazines I saw, but there were none that really spoke to me.  Within 5 minutes of browsing I realized my mission was not going the way I imagined it would.  I felt uninspired and bored.  What I did realize though is that my desire to create a magazine has alot to do with wanting to create the magazine I want to read.  The one I won't want to put back on the shelf after quickly flipping through the pages.  I walked away very inspired, just not in the way I thought I was going to be.  Inspired to create something new, something from the heart, something that is missing from those shelves (even if it never actually makes it to those shelves)...

I know this is going to be a long journey.  And most likely a very hard one.  I have no fantastical ideas of it being a simple quick thing I can create in a week.  It is going to take time, learning, patience, commitment, and soul searching.  This is a completely new path I am embarking on... and I'm sure it comes with lots of little offset trails that I cannot forsee at the moment.  Hopefully I will find some paths that will lead me into the beautiful wild unknown that I didn't even know was residing beyond the trees.


A Beautiful Mess Sister Style

Today is super exciting for James and I b/c his Dylan tee is being featured on one of our favorite blogs today, A Beautiful Mess!  I've been following these girls for so long now I can't remember, and it's been such a joy to watch all of their successes.  They are a huge inspiration to me, so to see them sporting our shirt is golden.  And they took the pretties photos ever!  Hop on over to their blog to see the rest!!!


067 (3).JPG

I'm so honored to be featured in the new issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, one of Stampington and Company's publications.  My mother was a huge fan of the original Stampington & Co. mags and used to collect them, so I know how excited she would be to know that I am published in one of them!!!  I was delighted when they contacted me to be a part of it.  And, my feature is even featured on the front cover where it says 'Free Spirited & Boho Leather Necklace". How cool is that???  Such a treasure.  I used to admire the collection of magazines my mothers jewelry business was published in, from Seventeen magazine to Victoria magazine.  She had quite a collection... My own personal collection is now growing with this being number 3, including online mag Neet, and the beautiful boho mag Disfunkshion. 

Thank you Belle Armoire for loving my work so much and publishing it in your beautiful magazine!!!

It hits the stands March 1st!  It is the Spring 2014 issue.