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Inspired by one of my favorite Tom Petty songs...  Oh how I long to just run free through a field like this one above.  Im in love with all of the colors and textures in this palette. 

Im thinking about integrating my Bohemian Collective blog posts over here instead of having a separate blog for it...  I'm not entirely sure about this transition.  All I know is Im having a really hard time keeping up with both sites, so this may re-inspire me in a new direction with it all.  I miss sharing beautiful things and creative artists like I did over there, as well as our own creative fashion shoots...  So, I may give a go over here for a while and see how it flows...  (I love the site over there, so its a hard choice for me, but I also want to not feel like I'm abandoning the space.  Sometimes simpler is better...)  So for now, time will tell... Will you follow along with me as I re-arrange...