Alicia Thiede wearing Roots & Feathers

I'm so excited to introduce a little series here on the blog dedicated to my most loyal Roots & Feathers customers!  Over the years I have had a few customers who grown quite the collections of my work, and I must say, rad girls tend to be behind the scences!  So I thought it would be fun to get to know some of them and see how they style my work.  We are kicking this off with the soulful, traveling gypsy, Alicia Thiede of Milagro Girl.

Alicia Thiede wearing Roots & Feathers
Alicia Thiede wearing Roots & Feathers
My family and I live full time in an RV, traveling and exploring along the way. I’m a true gypsy soul. With such limited space and the ability to only have things that are beautiful (or useful) l I am in love with Roots and Feathers. I wish I could explain to you the way it feels to wear what Laura creates. It’s like there are little bits of magic woven in. When I received my Luna Dreams necklace I fell head over heals. My friend Hillary gifted me the feather necklace that I’m wearing in my new blog banner and while the photos that Laura uses are so stunning, they can’t begin to capture the quality and beauty of her work. Life in my motorhome is cozy and I love these so much that I leave them all dangling from the cabinet knobs above my bed. I cannot wait to add more to my collection. These are by far some of my most treasured belongings.
— Alicia Thiede

Name + Part of the World:

Alicia {Lush} My gypsy life has me in Florida right now

Sun, Moon & Rising Sign:

Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer

Favorite record:

Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials

What wakes you up in the morning:

The sound of my puppy wanting to go out and the thought of a decaf coffee with yummy add-ins like maca and grassfed butter

Favorite 5 senses:

Touch-  my dogs velvety ears

Taste-  a cafe con miel from my favorite coffee shop back home

Smell-  my mans chest as we crawl into bed at night

Hear-  the sound of mama oceans waves crashing against the shore

See-  the sweet face of each of my kids

Animal Spirit:

Elephant & Polar bear

Favorite Roots & Feathers piece:

Must I choose? Probably my Luna necklace, I love the way it jingles when I move

Life without art is...


Find Alicia roaming online at her blog - facebook - twitter - instagram - pinterest

Do you have a growing Roots & Feathers (or Skyline Fever) collection you adore and would like to show off here on the blog?  If so, send me a little message telling me so here...