I am thrilled to share Reiki Rain with you today.  I have hands down found my scent.  I intuitively picked this scent off of its name, Guardian.  A few weeks ago, during a period of heavily thinking of my parents, I chose this.  I also knew I loved the scent of Lavender, Juniper & Vanilla.  When it comes to getting oil blends though, the smells can vary so much depending on the specific blend and what oils are used to create it.  This blend is one of the most calming, soothing scents Ive ever smelled. 

Ive always put a few lavender drops on my pillow at night, and I have replaced that with the mist above.  Just a few spritzes is all you need.  It puts me right into a peaceful calm as I lay my head down.  Ive also been putting the oil blend on my wrists everyday (along with a spritz or two of the spray), and I find myself with the biggest smile on my face every time I apply it.  Seriously. 

When reading the description of the reiki infused energy put into this, I can only agree with every word.  Which only makes me so curious about the rest of her blends.  I love that she offers adorable little sampler bottles.  I'm truly looking forward to trying them all.  Although this scent is heaven to me, I'm not sure I will ever be able to find a scent to compare.  Everyone's scent palette is so different though!  I loved that when I had James smell it the first thing he smelled was the Juniper, and the first thing I smell is the vanilla & lavender...

Each blend comes with its own little card, with a beautiful ritual on it on how to use it, as well as a little poem.  There is so much love and intention put into this product.  It truly shines through when you receive her package, from the beautiful gift wrapping, to the intention cards, to the handwritten note, etc.  So many little details.  This would make a perfect gift for someone you love.  (or a wonderful little self care token). 

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this blend.  I can't speak for the others in her shop, but I can only imagine if they are created with the same love and attention, that they are just as amazing.  And I love that each time I use it, I think of my parents, my guardians.