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The other day I really wanted to wear this skirt from Kayemkay, which I have been saving for a special night out. Why? I dont know, I guess when I get a special piece of clothing I tend to hoard it for that just right moment. Well, I got tired of waiting, and decided to just dress it down into a super comfy outfit for the day. Im so glad I got it out of my head that this skirt needed to be for a dress up outfit b/c it worked so well casual. The material is s very soft microsuede, so it feels so luxurious, I think that is what threw me off for casual wear. I love love love that it has pockets! And is the pattern/color not the most perfect combo ever??? Ahhhh, love. You can find this same skirt in her shop here

This adorable tee was sent to me from my dear friend Katelyn just b/c she said it reminded her of me!  She was so perfectly right on!  Ive worn it so many times since I got it just shy of two weeks ago.  Thank you Katelyn!!!  Ive been finding any excuse to wear these Blowfish sandals.  LOVE them.  Ridiculously comfy for being so darn cute!  Oh, and how do you like my one little patch of flowers below?  I made James mow around them b/c its the only color I have out there until I get some plants.

<<< outfit details >>>
hat + ring + bangle + tank // forever 21
shirt // gifted (but from old navy)
skirt // kayemkay
sandals // blowfish shoes
necklace // roots and feathers

Time to go to work and bust out some major orders!


Beautiful Bohemiantown Necklace >>>

Im super happy to say that my monday went as planned...  I went to yoga with my friend and then she came back to my house and helped me out with work.  So so nice.  I never ever regret going to my yoga class.  Not just for the yoga, but also for my instructor.  I have a one in a million instructor here in the hill country.  He is just a soul brother that puts my heart aline each time I see him.  He just has a way with words and such a pure spirit that its infectious.  I always leave feeling calmer, stronger, more equipped to face this world.  And I feel loved.  Now Im asking myself why I dont carve out time for myself to go feel this feeling each week???  Because Im crazy.  But I plan to change that.

And my day with my bestie was wonderful.  We went to tons of places and completely exhausted ourselves, ha ha.  But it was so nice just being with her.  I was smiling from ear to ear when I got in  her car just for the fact that I was going to be next to her for the next several hours.  Loved it.  And today, I get to see my little baby nephew!!!  Im so excited to finally hold him.  We have not even seen him since he came home from the hospital, which is wayyyy too long!  Im so ready to really meet him.  And I have a feeling it may propel this baby fever Ive been feeling times a million.  Well see...

A few days ago I received this gorgeous necklace in the mail c/o Vickie of Bohemiantown.  When she contacted me this month for a sponsor spot, I went to check out her site and immediately felt at home with her.  Her style reminds me so much of myself.  And we even both make necklaces from vintage trim!  I love the way she designed hers with the beaded chain in copper.  Everything in her shop is gorgeous, earthy and bohemian.  And even more exciting, she lives in Austin, so we are practically neighbors!  

<<< outfit details >>>
shirt - Forever 21
shorts - Forever 21
leggings - Forever 21
boots - vintage etsy
necklace - Bohemiantown
green ring - Forever 21
orange ring - Roots and Feathers
earrings - Roots and Feathers (coming soon)
studded bracelets - Moorea Seal
braided bracelets - Flourish Leather

(yes, I have an addiction to Forever 21.  Ive had several people leave me ugly comments about shopping there, but I dont care.  I love how affordable their clothing is and I can shop from home!)

Vicki's packaging was adorable too.  It came wrapped in the material in the background with a little piece of embroidered trim wrapped around it.  And I was stoked to see her necklace attached to a piece of cork.  It was just a beautiful earthy display for her necklace.  I love seeing how other designers package their work. 


New hair // Floral outfit...

My hair has been slightly ombre for a while now.  Although so slight, most people probably didnt even notice.  I decided to go a bit more so.  I think Ill slowly go more dramatic with it.  As far as hair trends go, I normally dont pay attention, but this is one look that I just cant take my eyes off of when I see.  Im extremely drawn to it.  Since I did my hair today, I thought Id sneak in an outfit post since its been a while since Ive done a real one...

<<<  Outfit details  >>>
floral top - forever 21 (reminds me of my mom)
skinny jeans - target
heels - vintage
opal geology ring - Maie Dae
double bird ring - forever 21
(I got the bird ring b/c it reminds me of my parents being together again)


A blouse worth posting about...

 Today I had a special lunch planned with my family.  I really want to try to keep getting my family together more often then before.  After losing my dad so abruptly, it makes you realize that sometimes you never really know when goodbye is going to be.  So I rounded up my brother & his son, my nanna & her man, my aunt & her boys, and we went to eat some mexican food.  *food coma*...  soooo good.  I got the plate my mom used to always get, spinach enchiladas, yum!  And I wore the prettiest sheer hummingbird kimono blouse ever.  It made me feel so girly and feminine.  I paired it with a mustard tank, mustard high waisted shorts, a belt & some thrifted mocs.  I wish I had gotten some full body shots to show you just how cool this top really is.  The sleeves are amazing!  But I had to do some super quick shots before we left the house... (next time)
 One of my favorite parts of building an outfit is accessorizing...
cross-stitch leather belt - forever 21
mustard tank - forever 21
 high waisted shorts - forever 21
moccasins - thrifted
wooden hair clip - *unfinished Roots and Feathers piece*
nail polish - shimmery earth tone + sparkles

{i might have a slight obsession with Forever 21}
 see those pretty flowers in the background??? James surprised me with them yesterday!  More photos coming later, they are lovely!

 The gorgeous necklace from Dawn Will Break was a recent trade, and I must say, I am smitten.  I think this will become a staple through fall... she has adorable packaging to go along with it!

 I actually have a bunch of stuff that was suppose to go before this post, but my shirt was so pretty, I had to share now!  For the rest of the evening I am going to actually make myself have a 'weekend' day, and just sort of chill.  {i think}  maybe ill go craft, just for fun!  Im not sure.  Something other than work, my body needs a break.  I think everything (work, my emotions, stress) is all starting to build up in my shoulders in a big way this week.  Luckily I have a dear friend who offered to give me a massage this week, which I am sooooooo looking forward to.  Its been so long since Ive had one.  Ahhhhh.....