Going Within >>>

Ive been finding myself lately retreating back within myself.  My head feels full and my body feels sluggish.  Not because Im super busy, Im really not.  I think its more of the transitionings happening within myself, are making me process a bit slower than usual.  There have been so many days I almost got on here and poured my heart out, but something keeps me from doing so.  Ive been finding myself quieter than usual and a bit more spacey.  Spacey as in... just staring off and getting lost in thought easily.  Well, and doing things like putting the butter in the cupboard instead of the fridge, so really I guess just spacey!  It took me 4 days just to order vitamins... simply b/c I could not focus long enough to do so.  Things like that.  Im really getting kind of tired of it, but at the same time, trying to honor it as I feel it.  I thought this photo above from my recent lookbook was appropriate... I feel like Im hiding in the shadows right now.  In my own way, quieting down, not worrying about being driven, taking extra time out, honor the season of the north.  I think my foggyness is due to the little amount of time I allowed myself in the past.  Im here.  Learning to be more present within myself.  Struggling at times.  But that is okay.  Ill keep practicing.