Instagram Love - Selfies >>>

Just a few of my favorite selfie shots from my camera the past week or so. It still amazes me how much I love simple phone shots.  Most of these were from the day I wore this.  I love the photo of me and James's feet.  The pic of the bathing suit top... that was my mom's bathing suit.  She made it when she was younger than me.  I wish it had bottoms.  Its a bit too small for me to wear out but I love wearing it when Im at home or sunbathing.  Its the prettiest bathing suit top Ive ever seen in my entire life.  I dont think one out there could top this for me.  And Im ridiculously grateful that its still around for me to have.  I think about these things when I want to let go of certain clothes I no longer wear.  I have a pile for my hope chest in hopes that my one day daughter would one day think its cool enough to wear.  I can hear it now... her saying 'oh my god, I cant believe my mom still has this stuff from 2012... who wears these kinds of things???'... ha ha!
I get alot of people asking me what filters I use for my phone shots... I almost always use the Bettie XL lens with the Ina's 1935 film.  When I find something I love that feels like me, I tend to stick with it.  I should probably explore more filters and such, but I always go back to this.  My eyes... love it.

The last two images:  The left one is prints I got made from my recent Oh My Mama photoshoot.  I cant wait to figure out how and where I want to hang them on my walls.  The right one was my little splurges I came home with from the grocery store.  Zooey looked so beautiful in the photoshoot in Marie Claire's may issue.  I dont really buy alot of magazines, just every now and then when I love the cover spread.  The only magazine I get on a monthly basis is Dwell

I can hardly believe that the month of April is almost behind us.  How does time do that?  Ive been feeling alot more balanced that I did a few weeks ago.  I feel like Im doing a decent job of balancing my work life with my social life, along with little doses of things just for me.  Playing outside in my garden being one of them.  I noticed some little buggy had a late night snack on my first bell pepper last night!!  My nanna suggested spraying some soapy water on them to keep the bugs off, so Im going to try that.  This spring has sprung on a plethora of these weird looking grasshoppers, and even though I havent seen them lurking in my garden during the day, Im sure one of them was the culprit.  

Hopefully within the next day or so well get some new stuff in the shop.  I have a collection of new feather earrings and necklaces sitting on my desk for a few weeks now.  As well as James new stuff for Skyline Fever.  Some good ones!  Soon soon.  Still working on wholesale orders behind the scenes, but Im starting to see the finish line!!!  Although that usually just means another race is about to begin :)  Also... I am getting closer and closer to being able to talk about a project Im working on behind the scenes that has me soooo very excited!  I cant wait for it to all come together.  My fingers are crossed that my vision will come through on this one. 


Lace & Dreams - Art Photoshoot >>>

The other day I walked into my bathroom I was instantly inspired by the filtered light coming through the window, as well as the grime built up on my shower. Yes, I get excited when I see built up soap suds on glass. Im a little bit weird like that. So I snapped a few shots to play with and Im so glad I did. I love how lucid and dreamy they came out. I love the way the lace top looked in these shots.  In the third image, I superimposed one of my last lookbook shots with it.  

Perspective:  a new reason to be okay with a not so perfectly clean house... it makes good art!

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Self Portrait Soul Searching

Lately I have been missing my personal photography work.  Allowing myself to be creative and open with my self portraiture has been one of my biggest soulful artistic outlets Ive ever involved myself in.  And it has been quite some time since I have done any, due to always being so busy with Violet Bella.  Im not complaining, Im truly honored to be that busy, but I do miss creating these works for myself.  It puts me in another state of mind when I create passionately with my camera.  I have always felt like I could convey certain emotions through a photograph that maybe I couldnt in real life with simple words.

Here are just a few of my personal favorites.  I have way too many to post them all, and this is quite a photo overload in itself.  Many of you have probably seen most or all of these, but Im sure some of you have never seen any of them.

To anyone who creates crafts or art, is there a certain something you love to do just for yourself that brings a soulful connection to you?  Id love to hear!