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It's almost officially spring here and there have still been days to get all bundled up in jackets and beanies.  Then of course, since its Texas, the very next day will feel like summer.  I was excited to squeeze in one more beanie day b/c I just love them so.  This gorgeous mustard pom pom beanie is from Softspoken.  A while back I did a photoshoot for her and she now has the images up in her shop, so you can browse through and see pics of me sporting her goods!!!  It was such a fun shoot, Ill share more images on here soon now that she has them released.  This super rad necklace is from Bohemiantown.  You may remember me wearing it here.  Vicki, the designer, is such a sweet soul.  This amazing forest green velvet hooded jacket is from the 60's and Ive had it in my closet since I was about 15.  Adore this jacket.  My sweet friend Hillary, since you asked a while back what brand these jeans are, they are Level 99.  The inside waistline is lined with roosters, how fun is that???  And these utterly amazing sandals are my newest loves c/o Blowfish Shoes.  You can find them here.  I love how they are a mix of earthy bohemian with modern design.  Perfection.  Blowfish has so many killer shoes out right now.  They just keep blowing themselves out of the water with each new collection.  Many of you know the depth of my love for Moorea Seal... Im still loving this arrowhead ring of hers.  She has some lovely colors stocked in her shop right now.

Tomorrow Ill be flying to Dallas (Rain, Ill be so close) for Sabe's funeral.  Its going to be a long day.  It will be so sad, but nice to meet more of his family and friends that we had not met yet.  Im really hoping I feel all better by tonite.  The past two days Ive been battling a soar throat.  It hasnt come on full blown b/c Ive been doctoring myself, but it is sure trying!  I really dont want to get anyone else sick and I cant miss this funeral....  Ill have some prescheduled posts here on the blog, so keep checking back. 


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 Hey! I'm Vickie & I'm the creator of bohemiantown. I have found that when I let my creativity run wild through my artwork, it allows me to find a wonderful balance between keeping my spirit free and also being a mother. I have a happy little bronze-haired baby named Autumn, and she is the joy of our lives and gives me so much inspiration. I love combining vintage and new materials in my work to create unique & happy pieces that others will find joy in... hope you'll come by!

Ring has an adjustable copper base, one size fits most.

Visit Bohemiantown and let me know your favorite item of hers.

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Beautiful Bohemiantown Necklace >>>

Im super happy to say that my monday went as planned...  I went to yoga with my friend and then she came back to my house and helped me out with work.  So so nice.  I never ever regret going to my yoga class.  Not just for the yoga, but also for my instructor.  I have a one in a million instructor here in the hill country.  He is just a soul brother that puts my heart aline each time I see him.  He just has a way with words and such a pure spirit that its infectious.  I always leave feeling calmer, stronger, more equipped to face this world.  And I feel loved.  Now Im asking myself why I dont carve out time for myself to go feel this feeling each week???  Because Im crazy.  But I plan to change that.

And my day with my bestie was wonderful.  We went to tons of places and completely exhausted ourselves, ha ha.  But it was so nice just being with her.  I was smiling from ear to ear when I got in  her car just for the fact that I was going to be next to her for the next several hours.  Loved it.  And today, I get to see my little baby nephew!!!  Im so excited to finally hold him.  We have not even seen him since he came home from the hospital, which is wayyyy too long!  Im so ready to really meet him.  And I have a feeling it may propel this baby fever Ive been feeling times a million.  Well see...

A few days ago I received this gorgeous necklace in the mail c/o Vickie of Bohemiantown.  When she contacted me this month for a sponsor spot, I went to check out her site and immediately felt at home with her.  Her style reminds me so much of myself.  And we even both make necklaces from vintage trim!  I love the way she designed hers with the beaded chain in copper.  Everything in her shop is gorgeous, earthy and bohemian.  And even more exciting, she lives in Austin, so we are practically neighbors!  

<<< outfit details >>>
shirt - Forever 21
shorts - Forever 21
leggings - Forever 21
boots - vintage etsy
necklace - Bohemiantown
green ring - Forever 21
orange ring - Roots and Feathers
earrings - Roots and Feathers (coming soon)
studded bracelets - Moorea Seal
braided bracelets - Flourish Leather

(yes, I have an addiction to Forever 21.  Ive had several people leave me ugly comments about shopping there, but I dont care.  I love how affordable their clothing is and I can shop from home!)

Vicki's packaging was adorable too.  It came wrapped in the material in the background with a little piece of embroidered trim wrapped around it.  And I was stoked to see her necklace attached to a piece of cork.  It was just a beautiful earthy display for her necklace.  I love seeing how other designers package their work.