(beautiful painting by Kathleen Chisholm McInerney)

Yesterday I was reminded of my guardian angels.  It was one of those days that circumstances just happened that re-opened my awareness of the kindness of people and the universe that holds us, and how interconnected we are.  First it started with our dentist appointment.  We had cleanings, and they were going to be with a lady I had never met before.  Living in a small town, you usually see the same person at these kinds of establishments, for you know, your whole life!  So I instantly made a frown and had a baby moment where I said to James... 'but I wan't so and so!) This cancer crab can be a bit dramatic and whiny at times, I admit.  But... I truly believe she was a guardian angel of some sorts. She was so sweet and talked to me for about 15-20 minutes before even beginning to clean my teeth.  I was laying there in the dentist chair with all the stuff around me, and she just went on.  She had asked me a few questions about my life, and somehow we immediately were on the subject of parents and kids... that tends to be a big topic of discussion in my life.  I told her about my parents being gone and expressed my fears of having children b/c of it.  Then she began to say things and talk about life and people and family like each thing was something a mother would of been telling me, with caring, compassion and full acceptance of any choice I make.  She told me that if I did decide to have kids that they would have two of the best guardian angles watching after them throughout their life.  That gave me such a new perspective on it, and touched my heart so deeply.  I walked away from that office feeling very surreal, like she knew something I didn't... but that was okay.  It almost felt like it could of been my mom talking to me through her.  A strange, but comforting feeling.

Then we made our usual errands to town.  We stopped by my friends house to see her sonogram pics of her baby girl!!  I loved listening to her talk about how in love she is with her already, even though she looks like an alien in the photos, ha ha.  She is someone who thought she never wanted kids, ever.  And she is over the moon with excitement.  It's amazing to watch the transition of these things as they happen naturally.  We made a spur of the moment date to go to our favorite yoga class in the hills of Kerrville with our favorite teacher.

We had great deep conversations about life and love the whole way there, like we always do.  This girl and I don't beat around the bush in our relationship.  I love it.  We are like night and day, so different, but connect so well when it comes to the real stuff.  And we don't mind at all telling the other person when they are being, well you know, stupid.  It's a great way to be with a friend.  And something you don't find in alot of relationships, so I'm very thankful for it.  She told me things that gave me such a new perspective that I am so grateful for.  Another guardian angel moment through words.

Then we arrive to the yoga studio, which always instantly melts my muscles and my spirit comes out to play.  His place is magic.  Pure magic.  In every sense of the word.  Maybe one day I'll devote an entire post on describing his place, it is that worth it.  Magic.  When we come in and welcome ourselves with the teacher, we catch up a bit on our days... I briefly told him about my amazing encounter with the dentist, and he lovingly smiled.  He has been my instructor for well over 10 years now, so he knows me well and has seen all of the changes in my life take place.  He was even at James and I's wedding.  So special.  So, after an amazing hour and a half of yoga, we have our relaxation layout.  He comes over to me and places and warm moist clove soaked towlette on my eyes.  (mmmm... i love this)  Then he places a hot stone on my belly, moves it in a circle for a little while, and then places my hand on it, with his hand lovingly on mine.  He whispers to me that he placed a warm stone on my belly, and under the stone its says 'HOPE'.  Then he left me be with the stone on my belly and my hands on it.  It was an intense layout.  It was the most I could do to not burst out in tears, but there were a few streaming down my face.  In a good way.  I have always felt like he is my mentor in a way, and a guardian angel of mine.  And last night it came through loud and clear.  It was so healing, so loving, so thoughtful.  I came away feeling so blessed from all of the people and occurances that touched my life yesterday.  It was a magical day.  One that I'm glad I paid enough attention to to notice the magic it held.  

Oh, and another HUGE thing that happened yesterday!!!  I have been trying to get a dot come for roots and feathers for a long time now, about 2 years, and it finally fell in place.  I could not get anything going through the web provider, so I figured out how to contact the owner myself.  She ended up being so sweet and gave it to me!!!  And not only that, I found out she is a reiki teacher, plant spirit worker and animal caregiver.  Her lines of work reminded me so much of my dear friend who I worked for as an herbal assistant, that I instantly felt a connection and an honor for it to be placed down to me from such a loving light.  Wow.  Yesterday was a magical day, can I say that again????

Then one more thing, last night I dreamt about my Paap, whom I haven't dreamt about in years....  Reminding me I had another guardian angel up there.  I really am blessed.

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outfit details:  hat - target // sweater - f21 // tank - sevenly // velvet bellbottoms - iconoclap // boots - bcfootwear // necklace + bracelet - spiral drift

Friday I spent the whole day with my bestie, her twin and her other sister, to celebrate their 30th birthday.  Her twin was my bestie all through junior high... funny how things work out.  It was the first time the four of have hung out together, I think in our entire lives, without it being a family thing.  It was so nice to spend the day with these girls... I love them so much.  Each so different, but yet the same.  We shopped like crazy girls and stopped for italian along the way.  It was a very good day.  Both Ann and I were on the verge of migraines all day... but mine stayed at bay until that night.  I had a real migraine the whole night through and next day... and I had to miss their bowling party last night b/c of it.  So bummed.  So I'm very grateful for the time we spent the day before!
Two cute things I found.  I can't remember the name of the store the skull shirt came from... I found the sweet birdies at world market and got them for my tree, for my parents.  The cardinal is of course my mama.  I wish they had a roadrunner for my dad, but this beautiful bird will do.  I should count how many birds I have on my xmas tree, probably a ton!

p.s. today is the last day to enter the Soulmakes giveaway, and get 20% off in their shop with the code 'rootsofmysoul'.

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This week my friend Katelyn is down from Louisiana to visit, and the photograph the next lookbook for The Bohemian Collective.  I'm happy that we have a few days to just be and hang out this time instead of working through her whole visit.  We will be packing in all of our photo work over a 3 day span though, so once we get started it will be crazy, but fun!  Anyone who follows me on instagram (lauramazurek) will most likely see a flood of baby pics while they are here!  Her kids are just so darn cute.  

These images above were some I took the last time they came down.  The headband she is wearing is from Spirit Y Sol, from our autumn lookbook.

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This monday morning I am feeling so much renewal happening.  Saturday I found myself stirring around early on in the day, not knowing which direction to go.  I felt the urge to paint, and nearly talked myself out of it.  This resistance I have been feeling lately.  Its been welllll over a year since Ive picked up a brush.  In all honesty, its probably been 2 or 3 years.  I finally fought through my resistance and grabbed all of my art supplies that have been hiding in boxes in the corners of my home.  I brought them all outside to the picnic table, along with some feathers and sage for inspiration.  I sat staring at the canvas for a while before I decided to just paint the feathers and sage.  I painted the whole canvas with lots of color.  Got frustrated, walked away, read my book in the hammock for a while, then came back to it, and painted cream all over the color.  I did this back and forth throughout the rest of the day.  But each time I came back with fresh eyes and it just flowed.  You can see from this pic, but in golden ink it says 'Cleanse my Heart to Soar my Soul'.  It felt like the title to the soul work Im doing right now.  I have some pretty heavy stuff in my heart that Im working on, and this felt like the beginning of the release.  Im so glad I gave myself this day.  (I thought I was going to be doing other things that day, so it felt good to embrace my saturday like a day off instead of just working through it).

I began re-reading a borrowed book from forever ago.  I kept putting it down before, and I realize now that it was all in due time.  Now is the time for me to read it.  I also started re-reading A New Earth.  So between all of these yummy thoughtful words, and allowing myself to open up in old artistic ways, I felt a softening in my heart, and the beginning of a release that is so very needed.  An active one, instead of a passive one.  (I also started playing with Hipstomatics new app for multiple exposures, so so fun!)

Then on sunday, our yoga meet turned into a morning brunch and riverside walk that was so much better!  My two girlfriends came and picked me up, and we all went and got some local coffee and then drove out to Tarpley for brunch at Mac N Ernies.  So so yummy.  It went from a hot sunny day the day before to feeling like winter outside saturday morning.  We all were bundled up from head to toe.  Then we went to my friend's new casa she is going to be fixing up, and took a 2 mile stroll along her riverside.  It was magical.  It didnt even feel like we were in Texas anymore.  It felt like we were in a different, more magic, spirit filled land.  We walked, and talked, and gathered treasures, and shared stories, and had moments of beautiful silence.  I found 'my rock'.  The first one I picked up.  And it's ironic to me that it is red.  I found so much meaning in such little things along the way.  I had also never felt so at home.  My ladies of the canyon (as robin so sweetly called us this morning).  Rock licking and synchronicity.  It was there.

Im left with a huge soulsigh.  Im wildly excited that these girls will be joining Katelyn and I in a few weeks to create an amazing new lookbook for The Bohemian Collective.  It will be a creative tribe for sure! 

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