This week my friend Katelyn is down from Louisiana to visit, and the photograph the next lookbook for The Bohemian Collective.  I'm happy that we have a few days to just be and hang out this time instead of working through her whole visit.  We will be packing in all of our photo work over a 3 day span though, so once we get started it will be crazy, but fun!  Anyone who follows me on instagram (lauramazurek) will most likely see a flood of baby pics while they are here!  Her kids are just so darn cute.  

These images above were some I took the last time they came down.  The headband she is wearing is from Spirit Y Sol, from our autumn lookbook.

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Guest Post - Katelyn Demidow - Feather Inspired Photoshoot >>>

"In nature you will find the tools to live life. The sun can soothe. The moon can heal. The flowers bloom. Birds can teach us about freedom. Life is continually renewing itself in new and unexpected ways. A bad mood can find peace. Little hands learn new sensations. Be open to learn from the world around you. Dance with the wind. Soak up the sun. Slow down. Breathe."

Peace and Love. 

*All of these beautiful images were taken by my dear friend Katelyn Demidow.  She did this project just for me!  I wanted her to be a part of my crazy busy days after the featured seller spot on etsy.  All I told her was the word 'feather' and her imagination and talent ran wild.  This is why I love this girl (among many more)...  Her beautiful model is Jerikaye Magdalena, who you will also see in this video below performing two fire dances as a part of Katelyn's recent blessing way for the awaited birth of her second child!!!  So sacred and beautiful.*


Creative Necklace Shoutout

My friend Katelyn of Scrufmeisterk is making the most adorable fabric necklaces ever!  I got her first simple large leaf one and wore it yesterday (pics to come)... And I cant wait to get one of these babies.  And since she was my little helper, I have credit built up, so it will fill a little hole in my shopping void!

I think these necklaces are the perfect blend of sweet femininity, craftyness & boho.  I love the blend of the chunky leaves and bows with the thin delicate string and light airy brass filagree balls.  Simply perfection.  I hope she makes a million of these babies!

You can find this one here.

and this one here.

Such sweetness....


Fashion Shoot Trade Offer

My friend Katelyn has put together a really cool project that helps her and you, if you are a designer. She is offering to do a fashion/editorial advertising shoot with about 15 fully edited images for an exchange of the garment, piece of jewelry or what ever it is you sell (fashion wise). This can be a lovely trade, as photo shoots for this sort of thing can be expensive. Not only that, Katelyn has a really unique modern edge with her photography, which I find so refreshing for an advertising perspective.

Here are a few examples of what she did for me in her Violet Bella school girl jumper, which by the way is so flippin cute on her!

Check her out on facebook and etsy. Message her if you are interested!

If anything, go to her blog post and see more images from this shoot along with a really silly interview she gave me! If you want to find out really random quirky things about me :)